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Ben's latest NEW moto: Katie ... With Pics!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. I figure i might as well put up a new bike post of my new girl. Katie (click for bigger pics)

    she's JB's old girl if ya couldnt tell (share the love people). 03 Ktm 525 exc with dirt and motard gear. excel rims, steering dampner and a few other extra bits and pieces

    first impressions: insanely fast and just incredibley light.

    So far ive put about 250ks on her including about 50ks of dirt trails (all on the tard gear) she handled it like she was made for it (funny that). i just cant wait to keep riding. forgot to take photos though

    She will be on the track shortly... should be a might bit quicker than the DR i would think

    i also cant wait to have punt around in the dirt with the knobbies...dirt is fun :p

    securely strapped away

    my garage is a bit full. anyone want to buy a dr800??? its lams :D

  2. :grin: Nice! :grin:
  3. Ah, Shes an Austrian too :LOL:
  4. Jesus mate, you go through the bikes don't you!
  5. lucky bastard.....looked at this bike when it was posted, just wasn't quite the right time :) but i reckon it will be fun in both street and dirt forms
  6. it was time to change my socks and wash my hair....so i knew it was time to change bikes again.

    but yeah now i goto get off my arse and sell the other one so i can walk around the garage
  7. Nice motard, nice bikes and garage too. Didn't know you owned a gixxer, just thought it was your Suzuki frankenstein moto.

  8. yeah the gixxa isnt mine. the big dog that guards them is though :)

    the garage is ok....too small for 3 bikes though so Dizzy has to go :(
  9. Keep the tank for the road and make the KTM a track bike?
  10. i was thinking that cause The DR800 is so much fun on the street, just ask all the MR ride guys...i love it.

    But i really dont have the space / cant justify the cost to myself of having car and 2 bikes....and i cant sell the car lol.

    so i think she will have to go. katie will be mainly a weekend toy. trackdays, twisties and dirt....what more could you want?
  11. Congrats, you'll love it, pedestrians will hate it :)
  12. not as much as the DR lol... <remembers a petite asian chick covering here ears and crying>

    ....she will be missed lol
  13. Haha sweet ride dude. That thing's gonna be trouble!
  14. Dunno your other bike, but trailing throttle and compression on the Kato should get some very decent pops, crackles and minor explosions going. A favourite quote from the owner's manual:

  15. Congrats, she looks very clean and very clean! :cool:

    You'll appreciate the steering damper on some tracks.
  17. Nice one Ben! Can't wait to ride with ya at the track!
  18. Very nice :) Get rid of the Pilot Sport on the front though :)
  19. nice one!! yeah shes a bit young for you dude... isnt your old girl liek... from the 80s or something.... :LOL:

    hawt though... i sat on some of the ktm motards at expo and fell in love.