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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by barn, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. hi guys,
    just doing some window shopping and finally found a bike the fits my less than average leg height, and was wondering if anybody had heard of these bikes and know how they compare with the aprillia and the mv augusta in quality, parts availability and performance.
    this being the Benelli Tornado Tre 900 etc. 1130 & rs model.
    There seems to be some really good deals on these bikes at a1 motorcycles in melbourne. any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Liz :grin: (barn's better half) :grin:

  2. save your money for a real bike :p

    They are all pimp, no trick.

    If your going to spend that level of cash get an Aprillia RSV
  3. AMCN appear to disagree. They have a fairly sizeable test of the 1130 Cafe Racer in the current edition (with Stoner on the cover). Lots of praise for it. Certainly would be worth a read if looking at those bikes.
  4. The sales person once told me (A1 ringwood) that waiting for parts is a nightmare
  5. Well I have tryed these out, but your choice. Never listen to a mag!

    Go forth an buy!! :grin: I hope it comes with a cut-out of stoner to put put next to it in your garage!

    (Sorry, just having a bit of fun!) :LOL:
  6. Benelli went through a period of building bikes with cool design but shockingly poor quality. They are only digging themselves out of that hole now, with the help of Chinese capital, because Benelli is now owned by the Chinese.

    The thought of *improving* to Chinese level of quality boggles my mind.

    Anyway, the good deals you see are most likely on bikes left over from that dark period; they only started getting better in the second half of last year.
  7. haha, i wish i could go out and try! just over a year to go... and no need for the cutout, already made a photocopy! :p
  8. MMM sounds interesting =P~ bike and stoner in one deal :-$ just dont tell barry i got him in the garage... :LOL:
    didn't know they are now a chinese bike in cognito !!!!!!!!
  9. They are a pretty funky looking bike thats for sure...as for the parts issue alot of the Euro bike manufacturers are bloody hopeless for parts...so you pay a price premium to buy them, service them, you get bent over and reamed when you have to buy geniune parts(because they are euro not many aftermarket parts around)...and on top of that you have to wait months for parts that are not in stock...and god forbid you crash the thing

    Alot of the importers have much to answer for...DO NOT import a product if you cannot adequately support it...that means YOU must keep parts in stock not sea freight them from wherever when they are ordered keeping your customers waiting for months...

    I would love a KTM Superduke or a Truimph Tiger 1050 but these things keep me on my Blackbird...it may not have the badge and the associated brand snobbery but at least Honda actually keep parts in stock :)