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Benelli TNT radical price drop!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Pink Angel, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. I have just heard that the Benelli TNT has dropped in price from $24,500 to $19,990. The latest AMCN have an article on it and describe it as a blast to ride.

    At that price, I was thinking of buying one. I dont think I could get a new European V- twin cheaper.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. If you are after something totally different and a hoot to boot, then I would be going the same way. Especially at that price.
  3. Best check with Johnny O...
    Isn't he working for AMI, the importer?
    AFAIK, AMI was taken over by StoneyCreek Motors near Sydney...which would leave only A1 as a retailer/ service/ spares place in Melb with the importer/ distro/backup not close-by, but up in NSW.
    Even with the bigger and better-established JSG/Aprilia.... getting onto spares is often frustrating. Looking at the history of smaller Italian brands...(Bimota/Cagiva etc)...when is the next closure/takeover/re-open going to happen? As long as there's a backup in the garage, no probs.
    As a sole-bike? hmmmm.....but NOICE !!
    Just thoughts....
  4. I certainly would not be happy if I bought one a month ago. Good way to loose customers in my opinion.
  5. The thing is, you probably couldn't've bought one a month ago. Benelli has just started production again. For most of this year, the factory's been shut down due to its inability to pay suppliers and other creditors.

    This big cut in the price of the TnT is a reflection of the "under new management" banner hanging off the factory gates.
  6. Hmmm, I'm not allowed to say anything as it's seen as advertising, sorry.
  7. I hear what you say about parts. I once had an Aprillia RSV and had to wait 6 weeks for a part as they did not store them in Australia.
  8. Horny, HORNY bike.

    Buy it now, then come round to my place and let me have a ride!
  9. They also recently mentioned headers that get completely discolored after a few thou ks, engine starting problems, etc etc and finished along the lines that as fun as it is to ride they can't give it a nod. Especially with competition from the likes of speed triple. So basically if you want something to decorate your driveway buy one.
  10. :) That isn't too bad....needed a set of friction plates 4 days before a scheduled 2-week ride...none in the country.
    A clutch, FFS !! 3 years after the release of the bike in AUS. Wouldn't it be "normal" to have a couple of sets on the shelves?
    John Stamnas came to the rescue and overnighted a set of Kwaka plates that fitted. Due to those being thinner than the OEMs, I needed another steel plate (to stick in one extra friction-plate to make up the total thickness of the cluster).
    Knowing I didn't have a hope in hell, I still called them and asked for one.... and whaddayaknow? They had 2 sitting there.
    Incredible..no friction plates, but the steels :? :?
    Bolted the damn thing shut with flying hands and only hours to go, no time to try it out.
    Still does duty everyday, 40.000km later :) :)
  11. Do it :) I have seen the latest article in AMCN. I own a MV Brutale, another italian hooligan bike :).
    Good luck.

  12. Thanks for all your input guys. It is always good to hear differing opinions :)
  13. Well, they've got my attention now. There was an article in a UK mag about a bloke who rode one across the Sahara desert. Apart from wear and tear from sand getting into everything, it survived pretty well.
    I wouldn't have given it a second glance at the old price, but I might go and have a look now.