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Benelli R160 , thanks FX Powersports, Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by khalily, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Just a massive thanks to FX Powersports in Brunswick.

    Saw the new Benelli R160 on their site and was overwhelmed with excitement that Benelli finally began production (I loved the titanium for so long),

    so I decided to check it out, OMG absolute machine.

    A-freakn-mazing bike since this one is a testing model, couldn’t ride it however I did throw my leg over and cranked it over, (NICE!)
    For under $20k, that’s a lot of bike and carbon fibre I must admit.

    Sold my R1 this week now time to step to the Italian Horsepower, should receive it in end of October all goes well


  2. Outstanding.
  3. Whoah, never seen this bike before but damnnnn... she's hawt!
  4. You are a lucky man. i would sell my non-existent wife to get one of them :p
  5. Wow, another free plug from a first time poster.

    What an ugly bike....
  6. I'm suprised it took that many posts before someone realised it was a spammer haha
  7. Interesting range of bikes that mob sell. Terrible POS Chinese learner bikes, and crazy cool low volume Italian super bikes.

  8. im in the process of almost giving up my wife for the Benelli R160 in white

    wana ride something nice this summer

    tho wouldve loved the Bimota db8 , cant afford the 40gs
  9. been looking at these Benelli 1130 TNT cafe racers for ages, really cool looking bikes but wtf at the radiator design?
  10. I would of kept the r1
  11. yeh lol wanted something different, too late now
  12. Hopefully shouldn't be too long a wait khalily, weather is also getting much better
  13. There was a month long period about a year ago where I saw like a dozen Benelli Tornado's running around Sydney. Then they just disappeared, haven't seen one since.

    Odd machines.
  14. snuff Benelli is celebrating its 100 Years now so there is a few floating around. The old Tornados I'm afraid are out of production at present, I believe that Benelli is sticking to its TNT 1130 and 899 range that is really different and with the new carbon fibre extras is priced very right in a tough world market. They were smart as to fully option them, as standard in this world market, I do think they will sell well. New range will debut at the GP next month, and Sydney Expo, along with the 2011 Bimota DB8 range.

    Suprisingly we have a lot of interest from previous Benelli owners so there is a following/nostalgia so to speak