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Benelli Pepe experiences

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Pepe, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Have been riding my Benelli around Adelaide since Sept 08
    without seeing another Pepe, went to the Gold Coast and saw
    2 in a week :)

  2. Dude change your topic from all caps or you will be the most short lived netrider poster in a while. :)
  3. New distributor

    Lets hope Motorsport Importers of Padstow NSW can be successful with the
    Benelli bikes & scooters :)
  4. I don't think I've ever seen one in the flesh either, but the other day I saw Benelli Velvet in the shop. I think that one is 125cc... looked OK, but I don't know how much they ask for it.
    Benelli bikes have a terrible reputation in regards to reliability and quality, probably the worst of any brands currently on the market. That alone would make me think twice about getting one of their scooters. So tell us, how is that Pepe working out for you?
  5. The Velvet looks neat but didn't test ride it as decided to start of with a 50cc
    mostly to keep purchase and running costs down. a 250 is due out this year but haven't seen any details. :)
  6. There are some details available and they look very good on paper - Cafe Nero will have liquid cooled 250cc with EFI, putting out some 20hp and 16in wheels (something I insist on these days), it is supposed to retail for just over 5,000 - price comparable to my HD200 for example, which is less than 200cc and has carbs. However, HD200 has great reputation for quality and reliability, while Benelli is the exact opposite in this respect... they are made in China, and this is not like some Piaggios which are built in China but to Piaggio's standards - Benelli is now Italian only in name, having been bought by the Chinese...

    Supposedly their quality is getting close to Taiwanese (SYM, TG8) but I'm not sure if I'd take the gamble. By the way... upholding their traditional values, benelli.com wasn't accessible when I tried to get more details on this scoot. :)
  7. was a brief report on a usa scootering site in past week about benelli
    facing financial crisis. pickles in adelaide are auctioning off benelli's
    on 15/6, suspect they are from the shop where i purchased mine.
    there is another dealer here selling the scooters but not the bikes
  8. Yeah I saw that auction advertised. I was considering purchasing a tre-k or something if they were cheap enough but I think part and service availability would become a problem as well as the overall unreliability of them now they are Chinese manufactured :-(
  9. Actually their bikes got their bad reputation while they were Italian. Moving to China supposedly *improved* their quality... that tells you how bad they were.

    There's also the problem with their Australian distributor who's gone bankrupt. I don't know who (if anyone) looks after them here at the moment.