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Benelli Nakeds Vs Triumph Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JontyG, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. '07 Triumph Speed Triple

  2. Binelli Cafe Racer or TNT

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  1. I'm interested to hear peoples opinions/preferences on these nakeds.

    The bike would be used for daily commuting, with the odd blat into the hills on weekends(guaranteed to become more frequent on any of these bikes :grin: )

    The rider is short (~5'4")

    Parts availability and servicing are immediate concerns re: the Benelli's.

  2. Purely based on aesthetics i voted for the Trumpy. I love 'em. :grin:
  3. Bias leads me towards a Trumpy, but go with your gut if it's a really close decision.
  4. '06 Tuono!!

    Oops, not one you have been considering.
    Should I suggest: 'Please consider". I understand that A1 in Brighton have a demo.....

    Out of those two that you mentioned, definately the Speed triple. The Benelli makes massive, uncontrolable HP, out in the hills you be thanking god you made it home in one peice. But for many, they live for this sort of stuff.

    If only I can find a demo Speed triple, then I could tell you for sure.....
  5. I prefer the look of the Triumph.
  6. Wouldn't take the TNT - heard to many reliability problems and the reviewers made it out to be quite a troublesome bike. Give you're after something to commute, you need reliable: Speed Triple all the way. :)
  7. A branch of PS told me the other day that the only S3 demo in Australia currently resides in South Australia!
    They said they would get it in for me, but that Triumph Australia was going to charge them $300 to bring it over, and that I had better be pretty serious about purchasing (!).
    I don't need that kind of pressure to make a decision, so I declined and I think they were kinda happy about that.
    All I can offer is that if it is better than the old model (and everyone says it is), you'll be happy. Reliability aside, the TNT is supposed to be a step up, but then that's subject to the law of diminishing returns :?
  8. Can Comment only on the TNT. I was lucky enogh to have the new one (press bike) for a night. I had a ball on it , as a commuter I could see it being easy to spend the time on it (I ride a 996) .

    As for the relaibilty issue and any other questions I am sure Johnny O (my house mate) could help you out as he is well conected with the TNT.

    I had a great time and would have one as a commute bike or even as a toy , as for the uncontrollable power (pphhtt) , Come a ride the 996 . The TNT has heaps of it but buy in no way uncotrollable.

  9. Thanks everybody for the feedback so far.

    Marx748: The S3 and TNT are just the top two on a relatively long list, including most of the Jap nakeds, the Aprillia, Monsters, etc. I plan to ride as many of them as possible before making a final decision, but thought I would limit the poll to the top two on my pre-demo'ing list

    undii:thanks for the tip re: tuneboy

    titus: hmmm, that's not great news regarding an S3 demo. I'm assuming thats an '07 demo? How easy is it to get a leg over an '06?

    Latte' Munkey: i'll definitely contact JohnnyO re: the TNT, I see his name popping up everywhere on a preliminary search i did :)

    Anyway looks like the S3 is the people's favourite thus far!!
    Stupid aesthetic question...why do Triumph insist on using such ugly mirrors and master cylinders on the S3? Triumph must know they're ugly, cause most of the marketing pictures are sans mirrors. I realise these are easily changed...but why? just my opinion, not that it would stop me buying one :LOL:

    Also, does anyone know much about the 3-1 Arrow exhaust? I think I read somewhere that it won't be street legal is that correct? :cry:

    Anyway, keep the votes/opinions/comments coming

  10. Because you're a little fellow, the triumph might be the go, they're tiny. But they cost shitloads to maintain.

    Personally I'd go the Benelli, it's supposed to be an animal, and it looks MAD. Both have good suspension and a great motor.

    JohnnyO reckons that the TNT he's raced is a year or two old, has had the bollocks thrashed off it by bike journos all over Australia (not to mention his own extremely heavy throttle hand on various racetracks) - and has had nothing at all spent on it except for oil, filters and tyres.

    +1 for the TNT!
  11. One of the reasons the TNT went to the top of my list is that it has a relatively low seat height (780mm) - S3 is 815mm

    Does anyone know what the recommended service intervals are for these bikes? I don't mind paying a bit more to service the bike if it doesn't have to be done as often.
  12. Service for recent trumpy's from research and my own experience is on par with the jap bikes. Once a year/6000 kms is what my trumpy is (plus the first month/800 kms oil change + check of bolts etc). Costs are the same, maybe a little more? Loz - whatcha mean mate that they cost shitloads? Or is that from older models?? That's really confused me.

    So far I've done all my own servicing, 2 oil changes and going to do a third and final in 200 kms before the next main one which is the yearly one in june next year. I'd say the 675 and speed triple would have similar schedules, you can find the 675 schedule at triumph online, I'd say you could get the speed triple as well :)

    Best of luck with it all!
  13. TNT rocks! go the dynamite :cool:
  14. An interesting kind of comment for PS to make as they are also the importers of the things, are they not??

    Hey...look at my profile. I love my 05 1050 S3. I can heartily recommend AJ's in Shepparton if you can be bothered going out there (good ride from Melbourne bar the boring nit from Seymour onwards