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Benelli motorcycles

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by M____G, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm really interested in the Benelli 1130 Cafe Racer. I love the unique appeal of this motorcycle, but having said this, I'll only ever purchase a high-quality product.

    I need to ask a few questions regarding Benelli bikes and the company's situation.

    1) Are the bikes still Made in Italy, by the europeans or are they now made in China?.. I don't exactly understand the relationship between the Italians and the Chinese partners... Could someone be kind enough to explain please??
    2) Are they a high Quality bike?
    3) Spare Parts/ Servicing - Expensive or hard to come by?
    4) Value for money? They are $22,500 new. I realise that an R1 or other japanese bike would probably kill it in terms of maximum performance. I'm not asking for a comparison as such. But rather an overall grading on the benelli itself.

    Cheers fellas
    Your time has been much appreciated


  2. They are dead sexy and go like stink, but you never buy a benelli for sane reasons. For the money I would get a ducati.
  3. Pretty much. The heart says yes, but the head says no so loudly you'd be foolish to ignore.

    Can't live with a Benelli unfortunately.
  4. Can't live without them.

    If you love it and it screams at you "RIDE ME" then why not??
  5. I'd buy one, no worries.
  6. Besides being ugly in a bad way their reliability record stinks. Although quality control should increase over time now that some chinese own the business (funny to think that) at the moment they aren't worth the price tag.
  7. I reckon they'd be awesome when they were going. But if (when) they broke down, you (and your wallet) would know about it. I wonder what parts availability is like?