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Benelli motorcycles in Australia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nightgash, May 3, 2007.

  1. What do people think of Benelli motorcycles in Australia? Have you ridden or own one and can you give some insight into how they compare with other Italian brands/makes?

    What about their looks? I for one think they look great. One thing that intrigues me is I have never seen a Benelli on the road at all.

    How would the standard 1098 ducati compare to the Tre 1130 in terms of quality and refinement? The Benelli's are triples so I guess they would sound similar to Triumphs offerings?

    Here is a link to the TRE


    Hopefully this thread lasts longer than the last one which was deleted :deal:
  2. The company always seems to be in such turmoil, which affects Australian distribution (of bikes, parts, etc) that it turns me off owning one.

    Exclusivity is one thing, but owning a bike that you might have trouble getting parts for is totally different...

    It's not a whole lot of bike for the money, you can buy much better bikes for far less, but a one-eyed bennelli enthusiast would probably settle for no other.

    The price seems to be inflated in the hope that consumers can solve the company's financial problems...

    The TnT 1130 got rave reviews upon its release a few years back, and was even a major contender for international bike of the year, mainly due to its 'pull yer arms out of their sockets' power delivery.
  3. The Festival of Italian Motorcycles held around October or November in Melbourne, may be of interest to you. Somewhere between 150 - 300 Italian motorcycles are displayed by their owners between the Royal Exhibition and Museum buildings in Carlton. Most of the marques are represented including Benelli.
  4. The only one I've seen "on the road" belonged to a bloke who worked the the building across from me...


    It looked fantastic.

    PS had a 2005 for sale some months ago for $19,990. Didn't last long either.
  5. JohnnyO used to work for Stony Creek Power Sports, the Australian importer. He knows these bikes backwards.

    He told me that the TnT he raced in the Aussie BEARS/Thunderbikes series had been a press biatch, thrashed by every journo in the country, and raced by him. It had done 20-30k or something and he said "All I've done is throw on new tyres and change the oil and it's been brilliant."
  6. It was also (as far as I know), the only motorcycle where a large number of angry owners got together in a class action to sue the manufacturer for selling a motorcycle unfit for its purpose, i.e. it was supposed to be rideable, but many weren't. It never went to court, but that is the main reason they went broke and are now part of China’s Qianjiang Group.
  7. Interesting incitatus, what was wrong with them? Have they completely rectified the problem? I heard the TRE is being replaced very soon?
  8. TRE just means 3 in Italian, they are all TRE's, there are Tornado's, Tornado RS's, TnT's, TnT Sports, TnT Cafe Racer's, and TnT Titanium's.

    I think you'd have to be a dill to buy an Italian bike..... who'd pay twice the price of a Japanese bike with 40 less horsepower and 30 kilo's more weight....... a dill (for want of a more powerful word).

    As far as I am concerned, trying to be unique via the wallet is just proving you're a wanker.
  9. Would this just apply to the Benelli Tornado sports or all Italian bikes in general including the new 1098 Ducati? I guess some people will pay the extra for the perceived better quality and Italian styling? :?
  10. In my opinion no Italian bike is worth the extra expense, they are no way near as good a quality as the Japanese and as for loving the styling, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I love the look of my 170hp, 170kg, $16k GSXR.
  11. Has anyone actually ridden the Benelli Sports Tornado? It seems to get good reviews but there are not many around on the net.
  12. Do you mean Tornado 1130 ?

    I've done extensive road miles and raced the Tornado 900, the Tornado 900RS, the TnT1130 and a TnT1130 kitted up to TnT Cafe Racer specs.

  13. Great, well I guess you have said they are not good value for money but how did they go from a riding/handling perspective?
  14. It's a while back, but I seem to recall it was not so much a specific design fault, as much as slipshod assembly and poor quality control combined with poor after sales service. I only know about the problems because one of the owners putting the class action together was a guy I used to fly with over here in Perth. He got his sorted in the end, but it was a long hard struggle. I doubt if it would be fair to compare the original ones with those built after the Chinese poured mega bucks into the factory though.
  15. They handled ok and were comfortable when on the open road but only as good as a Jap bike, there are too many area's where they are not as good as a Jap bike, I wouldn't buy one if it was the same price as a Jap bike, let alone double the price..... ha!
  16. Thanks for the info Johnny O. I guess they are not that good if they only match jap bikes in some areas and lose in others. The Aprillia RSV 1000R would be a match for the Tornado 1130 or would it be a better bike? What qualities did you like most about them and what did you hate about the Benelli's you have ridden?

    Interesting to know about the bad assembly and warranty support incitatus...
  17. Did a search as i'm looking at buying a TNT cafe racer and found this thread. After reading it I am wondering if anyone has actually got one of these yet?

    Going by the research thus far it would appear my dream bike will only be good for exactly that 'a dream" No matter how appealing it may be on the test ride i'm very reluctant to spend double the money on something that may give me the same pains I had when I owned an Alfa 147GTA.

    If any owners could step forward and give the bike a wrap that would change my mind, it would be appreciated as I’m really fond of the styling’s of this bike but have fears about the after sale support etc.
  18. The cat got mine.

  19. * Obscure brand makes parts tricky.
    * Only one place to get them serviced.
    * Rampant reliability and Q&A issues.
    * You have to make a choice between Japanese ruggedness and reliability versus eccentricity and style.

    Sure, they look nice and are probably lovely to ride, but it's probably impossible to live with.
  20. unique is a god word; they certainlybu have character and personally I love riding mine. With that said they're not a bike you buy with your head. Check out the Benelli forum if you want some feedback..