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Benelli bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Has anyone owned a Benelli bike?
    Why are they so uncommon?
    Are they good/reliable?

    The TNT 899 looks so nice.

  2. Reliability, or at least their reputation about it, is the main reason.
    Benelli were bought out by Chinese investors a couple of years ago and vowed to improve the product. You'd need a current owner to update you whether that's happened.
    Hope so, cause they still look interesting.
  3. Previously they had reliability issues? Do you happen to have any links or something I can read about?
  4. https://netrider.net.au/threads/benelli-motorcycles.91534/


    Quote: It was also (as far as I know), the only motorcycle where a large number of angry owners got together in a class action to sue the manufacturer for selling a motorcycle unfit for its purpose, i.e. it was supposed to be rideable, but many weren't. It never went to court, but that is the main reason they went broke and are now part of China’s Qianjiang Group.


    There's about a dozen more on Netrider alone. But to be fair to them, recent experience is all that matters in your case.

    For some balance, a bloke rode one of the early TNTs across the Sahara, following much of the old Dakar route, and got to the other end.
  5. I bought a new 899 a couple of months ago.
    You can read lots about reliability problems on the UK Benelli owners forum.
    The problems do indeed seem to have been fixed with the injection of capital from QJ.
    One common problem of older bikes was flat battery after an overnight stand.
    Mine has stood for up to 2 weeks and started ok.
    The hot start problem was fixed years ago.
    The bikes are currently being sold with 2 year warranty and 2 year roadside assistance so that shows some confidence in their product.
    I can't say yet what long term ownership is like but this bike is heaps of fun.
    I also test rode the R160 but I reckon the smaller motor runs a bit sweeter.
  6. That is awesome to hear!
    I am going to keep an eye on your posts and will check back.
    How was the dealer? What are the servicing costs like? Have you had any problems yet?

    Most importantly, Does it turn heads? :p
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  7. Also try @skiN01@skiN01

    I know he has owned one and it looked and went really well.

    I've not seen him on any rides lately though.
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  8. What's the street cred of Benelli bikes, as in, what conclusions to people draw.

    Yamaha R1: Fast as fcuk, great bike. Owned by Squids.
    Harley Davidson: Loud, slow and cool looking. Owned by old fat guys.
    Ducati: Fast, tracky bikes, up market. Owned by people with too much money.

  9. I was always under the impression a 'Squid' was a rider who didnt wear full gear?

    I always wear full gear and i own an R1. Fast as fcuk and its a great bike. Please tell me i'm not a 'Squid"?
  10. You're not a squid............ happy now? ;)
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  11. Not all stereotypes are correct.

    You do see a lot of squids on R1's though. Thongs, shorts, wife beater singlet, $1000 helmet with strap undone.
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  12. @Fa1c0n@Fa1c0n got some time on your hands at the moment have you? Or are you starting to think about changing bikes?
  13. Squid......
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  14. I am constantly looking for more bikes. Not changing, just getting more. :p
    I've been dreaming of a sexy naked bike for a while now.

    I ride my HD like its a super sports, but it has none of the safety features a sports does, so I will likely die on it. At least with a sports I will be able to stop better.
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  15. Well, my very subjective ride impression of the Benelli is old school Italian.
    This bike is uncompromising. It is what it is and it doesn't care if you don't like that.
    It has no ABS, traction control or alternative fuelling maps.
    Below 4K rpm the fuelling is not great but I reckon pretty good considering the ultra short stroke motor and big injectors.
    Above 4K this bike wails like nothing else. For an old racer of 2 strokes, this is a plus.
    At low speeds, the steering seems very light, scary light (no steering damper). Go faster and the chassis keeps everything straight.
    Ex factory, the suspension is hard. It is adjustable and I may get around to doing this sometime soon.
    Seating position is not cramped but is narrow. It imposes 'the stance' on you before the bike feels happy (I told you this was subjective). Sit back against the seat stop, elbows bent just so, knee out a little to corner just so.
    Ride one of these Benellis and the rest of the world seems to get a bit weird. Car occupants will roll down windows to gawp at it. Other road users start to get racey, most recently a 7 seater Kia and a glaziers truck.
    Like I said, it's Italian but what's that mean? If we're going to talk stereotypes and a Guzzi is a bike for a Roman senator and an MV is a bike for a Milanese fashionista then this is a Sicilians bike.
    All the technical stuff you can read elsewhere.
    Maybe an R6 will outrun it at the top end or even some time earlier. It's more than adequately quick for me.
    Oh, and it drinks. A lot. And I don't care.
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  16. I like the looks of the Benelli's, but who names these models?
    TNT, BJ
  17. OP, if you're looking for street cred, you then need to get a CB400, with ABS.
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  18. I think there may be a thread here somewhere about the CB400, but not sure...