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Benelli (and Bimota) Back In Australia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wayned, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. And a good bit cheaper to boot, at least in regards to Benelli, according to the article. *"889" is likely meant to be "899".


    Snippets of interest:

  2. fx powersports in brunswick also has them but they have a bad reputation and are in the same suburb, so you might as well go to Urban.
    not that you asked, just saying.
  3. Probably leftover stock, since the new mob will be selling them directly.

    Being able to buy from them at a well lower price, then get servicing locally could work well for low volume brands. It sounds good to me, and maybe if you get yourself there and back without them flying you, maybe the deal would get sweetened a bit further as they try to get few out there.

    Less than 16K for the (updated) Century 899 Racer would be stellar, assuming the tens of millions of dollars and mass production knowhow poured in by the Chinese owners over the last few years has some earlier niggles largely sorted.

    The TnT R160 for $19 990 (plus ORC) is getting within spitting distance of the new Speed Triple, and a whole lot of other bikes for that matter.
  4. That white bimota pictured in the article is looks amazing.
    Whatever it is i want it badly, i dont care if its 125cc or 1000cc it just looks so good.

    Edit: Read the article more, its got a Ducati 1198 engine in it.
    Holy shit i must own one of these some day, i can imagine the sound it will make already.
  5. Glad to see these two brands back - I gotta say I've been tempted in the past, love these unique looking things - Hope the business model works well for them, don't think there is anything really like it elsewhere (is there?). Might just be the best way to get these out at reasonable prices.
  6. I'm pretty stoked that there seems to be some stirrings from within Benelli after the smackdown of the GFC, and that they're going to be sold here again, and of course cheaper. I've lusted after the TnT Cafe Racer for ages.
  7. Wayned yes it is suppose to be TNT 899 (typo from article I think), and just confirmed will retail for only $14,990 plus on roads at FX Powersports and other dealers with all the goodies as standard. Some pics attached..

    In regards to stock all Benelli Motorcycles will arrive in coming few weeks, as bikes being built in Italy as we speak (no old stock all new models), demand in Europe and Japan at these prices is high, so Aust doesn't normally get priority, sorry guys.

    However you will see them at the GP in Melb in October and November in Sydney at the Motorcycle Expo with the Bimota DB8 and Tesi 3D Evo range.

    Keep it on the Black Stuff!!

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  8. Great news for the brands and hopefully the new network will be supported by the factory to ensure both new and existing owners are serviced appropriately.
    More competitive pricing is good news for the brands. Always been keen on the Bimota even if the DB8 pictured isnt my style.

    Good to see both marques back but despite the price drop I expect both with remain niche. Potential Nelli value buyers will rightly still by the STriple and glamour buyers will more eye off the DucStreetfighter and Brutale. The TNT targets the unique and quirky segment.

    That said I still love my CR, it has character. Needs a little more power and isnt great touring but that aside. Just my 2c though
  9. Aren't you supposed to quote rideaway price?
  10. Close enough for me to come and have a squiz. What a shame that Morini fell over, that would have made an even nicer stable in the one place.
  11. Are Benelli's still being manufactured in Italy?
  12. All Benelli motorcycles are 100% made in Italy by Italians and now at least they have massive funding so definitely secure for an Italian based company.

    The Cafe Racer has always been my favourite, hence why we are building custom CR with all with the R 160 power and upgraded options.

    I will post some of the CR pics tomorrow

    Price varies from state to state, in Vic Ride away price from FX Powersports for the 899 Century Racer will be 15,900 Ride Away all inclusive

    Keep it on the Black Stuff
  13. Just a Quick note Moto Morini will be back just got bought out (new owners) watch this space in late 2012
  14. Anyone else interested in signing a petition to resurrect the vDue?
  15. And this is good?:wink:
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  16. :LOL: But if the alternative is China... probably.
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  17. IMHO bikes should be designed in Italy and built in Germany :D.
  18. One thing you admire about the Italians is the Passion, when watching them hand build and finish them you can understand this, not much passion in much of what we see today and that from my point of view I appreciate about these amazing designed and powerful motorcycles, the main point is created more by hands than machine and it is a beautiful thing. In years to come I think this will sadly no longer be the norm due to increase costs of manufacture in Europe and the Asia market decreasing the price to which viability becomes difficult. One thing the Asia motorcycle cannot yet succeed in is Prestige, that we must admit belongs to the Europeans, if it was up to me I would love to have a sleep at lunch time everyday... Then come back to work in the afternoon...
  19. Thanks for the updates. Great to hear more of the latest Moto Morini situation too - I'd read something of that recently.

    $15 900 out the door for the 899CR is outstanding.
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  20. Thanks for the updates. Great to hear more of the latest Moto Morini situation too - I'd read something of that recently.

    $15 900 out the door for the 899CR is outstanding.