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Benelli Adiva

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by rc36, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Stopped next to one of these at the traffic lights yesterday, looks like an interesting gadget for city riding.


  2. I saw one in the Melbourne CBD only yesterday (i think it was?).
    At the time i thought it WAS a BMW C1, but as it went past (stuck in the cage) i saw that it was a Benelli.

    I think they're a good idea, especially for all those sooky businessmen/woman on Collins St. ;)

    For some sick twisted reason i've always secretly wanted to see one in an accident... i just wanna know how they go! I seem to have a vivid imagination and can see one going A over T and then just cartwheeling down the road. :twisted:
  3. Even benelli's SCOOTERS look cool.

    However, they are scooters. Which means they're perfectly acceptable but only as long as they're a third or fourth bike, or a bike for the wifey...
  4. Yhe I thought it looked cool too. I can't see myself ever owning one, but I just liked the concept.
  5. I just worry about them and scooters in general with the ammount of available acceleration that they have to get out of trouble, and the low circumference of the wheels and tiny contact patch of the tyres. Do look like fun, though; maybe they would be OK in bicycle lanes?/?
  6. hey oldman , beats those little electric carts they ride when its time to retire and cant walk anymore :wink: :LOL:
  7. The Current issue of Australian Road Rider includes a back issue. This back issue contains a review of this Scooter in question. Anyone interested can PM and i will either POST them a photocopy or e-mail them a scanned copy of it. It is quite an interesting read.
  8. CHEAP SHOT, (but true)
    At least they're closer to the ground and have four wheels, (or am I not allowed to say four wheels on this forum)?
    ACTUALLY, you can say what you like about RC cos' he's out having coffee with his lovely wife!!! :LOL:
  9. the old bugger is really checking them out at the local scooter world :LOL:
    some are going to hit that point a bit qiucker than the rest of us :LOL:

    i will be buggered is i am going to be getting around in a electric cart , it will be a scooter for me at least :LOL:
  10. I was fully aware that, when I posted this originally, I was going to be leaving myself open for a whole lot of ribbing, so rib away!!!!

    I just thought it was an interesting concept. It would be great weather protection and also, I'd imagine, good crash protection.

    Only thing is, I'm not sure if you should put your left or your right foot down when you stop????
  11. For the benefit of those who haven't seen one and would like a picture..

    www.mc-nett.no/asp/ companies/show.asp?id=285
  12. Anyone from Melbourne's SE suburbs remember the bloke who rode the bike with the perspex windscreen and roof? I used to see it on the Nepean Highway. I always wondered the same as Koma - if you hit the front brake, would it just roll down the road like a mouse-wheel?
  13. And what if it came to rest upside down???
    Does it have a seat belt for such an eventuality?
  14. The Adiva's roof is a flimsy, fold-down thing. In an accident, chances are it would just collapse. The BMW C1's roof structure is, supposedly, fully crush-resistant, but with the amount of weight down low (not to mention back, with the engine at the back wheel), it doesn't seem likely you could tumble them easily.
  15. sorry officer , I hit the brakes and rolled into the back of the police car .........................at 60 kph

    dont worry RC , it was interesting , but i thought you needed some ribbing as you havent been upsetting enough people lately and may be have withdrawl :wink: :LOL:

    i can here a coffee calling soon :)