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Benelli 1130 tnt

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by flyindutchie, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. hey guys,

    looking into purchasing a benelli 1130 tnt around 2006 model. i havent met anyone who knows anything about them though, all ive read is reviews from motorcycling websites. has anyone here owned one of these puppies or know anyone who has? any info would be appreciated - eg maitenance, reliability, fun factor, known issues and parts.
  2. Maybe someone has one out there, I considered them at one stage, reviews reading really well and specs were great and bit different.

    Getting info on real world use seems to be scarce and what really concerned me is if major players can't meet part demands with poor stock how is a much small brand going to be?

    Maybe they have stock to put other brands to shame, who knows.

    Maybe you could buy one and do a long term review ;)
  3. Legend has it the motor was designed by the last breath of the Zane Laverda blokes,The Laverda Club does a run into the Snowy area and one of the members arrived on one.Don't actually know the bloke,meet him on the ride.Supposedly a Qantas pilot.He had a couple of really odd crashes,the last one happened right outside The Tintandra Pub.He took off kinda hard and pealed right and the back spun a bit and then caught and then high sided him at maybe 20ks.He had earlier had a little woopsy on the other side,it by now was scrapped up on both sides.That proved to be enough and he Left the ride about them.So it went hard for 2 days,sounded nice and spat him off twice.No idea how much experience the bloke had,and thats all I know.
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  4. Not quite what you're looking for but there's a piece on the TNT 899 in the latest AMCN
  5. They look nice, they are expensive, hard to find a dealer and get service I believe... only what I've been told though. I saw a nice Adventure benelli a month or two back near Reefton, asked the rider about it, the ticket price scared me away :)
  6. that all makes sense, but who knows maybe itll be cheaper then a duke to service?! i checked australian dealers and theres a place in melbourne that do benellis and ncrs, but only by request. i have found a few in other dealerships though, the 06 models go for about 9-14k but most have all between 5-15 thou k's on the clock.

    spot on. all the reviews ive read have been great but i always find it better getting first hand info of a rider who frequents the saddle in one. i think that may just happen anyway!! :)
  7. Well if anything the brand is making a comeback in the australian market, so its likely to get easier rather than harder to find a dealer. however i still wouldn't go there, you could get a speed triple for less and it would be better to ride, easier to service, look nicer (if you get the roundeye) and be more reliable.
  8. Only thing I can add is there got a high seat hight with the fan under it,defiantly be interesting to see how you go if it happens.Here is a bit more on the engine designer.The rumour was The Zane Laverda blokes who made and sold a twin based on the old 4 valve 500cc Laverda engine wanted a modern triple motor to sell,at least they recognised the potential to sell a modern version of a Laverda Triple,unlike Aprialia who now owns the name Laverda.They did a show special based on there V twin motor,they would have not sold many.So this engine was designed as the Zane company was going down the drain.The designer was reputedly not payed and headed over to Benelli with all the drawings.
  9. its really just a toss up between the speed triple and tnt. i know the jap equivalents are good too (Esp z1000) but the triumph and the benelli are a little more special. i do like the older versions of the speed though, like the 05-07 i think. the new ones look terrible. can't get much cooler then a single sided swingarm either!

    thats really interesting about zane though, i had no idea. i know that a chinese company qj owns benelli now, but the bikes are still manufactured in italy. they are trying to now get close enough to compete with aprilia since they have the triple engine, and some pretty sexy bikes. should be a fun few years.

    the availibilty of european bikes is becoming slowly more commonplace it seems. ncrs are coming to melbourne soon i believe!
  10. eesh. poor guy. averaging once a month in the garage for 19 months. they are handbuilt. ive gone to the benelli forums but they are minimal. nothing over a few pages of threads, but i guess that's because hardly anyone owns one.

    looks like the dealer was fcuking around, because it was the same issue over and over. i can't view the issue attachment though, so im only speculating on what the dude wrote. i'd assume that if a dealership has imports coming in, that they would be able to identify the issue and fix it. that's their job, that's why people pay for their warranty. or it may have well been just been a bum job on a handbuilt bike. who knows? :whistle:

    shocked it even made it to aca though!
  11. What's odd about it?
  12. Me and the other 15 blokes all in there 50s and long time riders found it odd for the same bloke to have 2 low speed fall in 2 days.Maybe the tall seat was a problem.I didn't see the first but I did see the second and it was the slowest high side I have seen.I was just past walking pace.All he was doing as taking off from being parked square to the gutter.He was one unhappy camper after the second off and thats understandable.The odd thing was I didn't hear much in the way of revs being used.Don't know the bloke,how long he had the bike,his experience.What the power delivery was like.
  13. was it a new bike for him? the pegs also have high clearance. could be a million reasons why or just be coincidental. i've lowsided a few times but not twice in 2 days. maybe he was overjoyed at sitting on such a beast he got overly excited at the braking and throttle control!!! ;)
  14. Two of my mates have own these bikes and both had electrical problems. Coincidently the dealers and mechanics they've bought to weren't able to rectify most of the problems which ended up costing them a lot of money from trial and errors.
  15. If your looking for weird italian bike companies to buy a bike from i would personally go for a moto morini over a benelli, they are cheap as too because they went broke.
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  16. hahaha that made me laugh. the corsaro 1200 veloce is sex though. damn. now to find a dealership.
  17. it looks like the Monster, Striple and Brutale had a threesome