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Benefits of Carbon Fiber?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Sinner, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. I am considering getting Carbon Fiber gear & brake leavers, and maybe some CF foot controls for my bike but was wondering if it was worth it.

    What I guess I’m trying to ask is “what is the benefit of placing CF components of your bikeâ€

  2. Bling.

    Minor weightloss (not enough to notice absolutely any change) but its 100% wankfactor on bikes unless you're racing. No other value.
  3. If you are the fully shickest bro in the hood then they will make all the difference in the world, complimenting ur Maaaaaad skilzzz and making chickzzz pass out as you pass by.

    Otherwise they will make no difference. :LOL:
  4. Swap out enough metal heavier for lighter carbon fiber and you reduce the weight of the bike. How much weight there is too loose may not be helpful in any way to you as a lot of newer bikes do a lot already to reduce weight (But they try save costs too so there will always be something you can replace).

    But it could go further on one tank and improve the acceleration if you loose enough weight.

    Beware of dodgey Carbon fiber too, and the fake plastic look alikes.
  5. If your only going to get brake levers and controls etc then there aren't any benefits to getting carbon fibre.

  6. If you have the cash get some.. I like the look of carbon, i don't think its "bling bling" its to save or reduce weight for performance so if anyone gives you grief for it laugh at them and their chrome wheels as you fly past on your lighter better looking bike.
  7. The dude has an R1, they are plenty fast enough. He'd be better off going for a daily jog (like I need to :LOL: ) which would save more weight!
  8. for me i'll jus get race fairings and that'll be it IMO
  9. Don't bother with a few snippets of carbon fiber, which IMO looks like crap, like Joel said - take a run instead. or mess about with gear ratios or something.

    CF is a waste of $$$, If you want to do it then go for it.

    It makes me laugh when I see an idiot in a car with carbon fiber spoiler or something when the car is clearly a pile of crap.

  10. The difference in weight in getting CF controls would be far less than the weight loss you would achieve if you had a good crap before riding.
    And a packet of laxatives would be cheaper!
  11. :LOL: :LOL: Very well said mole.

  12. Since what your changing with maybe lighten your bike by .5 grams or so.

    The only other thing it would do is increase your standing on the top gear cock-o-meter

  13. Eat sensibly and excerise more and your bike will be 10 kgs lighter..... and it's free............. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  14. Thanks for all the input you guys have offered, much appreciated. I understand that replacing my stock levers with CF will not reduce weight that much that, but my main reason for wanting to replace them is to get my bike all black. I understand that I can get after market levers (anodized aluminium) but I thought if I’m going to spend the money, why not go all out.
  15. If you want all black why not spend $5 on a can of spray paint...
  16. Because it wears off, and i dont want to be constantly taking them off to touch them up
  17. I think, if you want to do it then do it.

    As you stated you want it for cosmetic reasons. So any advantage wouldn't really matter. To me it's like, changing your bikes colour, it want make a performance difference (unless of course you paint it red) but you do it because you like it.
    Just remember to put them on your insurance policy.

    If you want all black, then carbon fiber, anodized aluminium or spray paint. To me you seem to have already made up you mind, so go get it and enjoy.
  18. When I started building my rally car, I had the safety cage done by one of Australia's leading manufacturer supported teams...

    On a rally car, you have to have big mudflaps, they generally need to be mounted further back than the wheel arch so that the mudflap doesn't get dragged into the tyre when you reverse (after a spin perhaps :-w )...

    The usual method of attachment is to get a piece of Aloominum angle and cut it into 5x3cm long pieces, mount them to the bumper, and then cable tie the mudflap to that... simple...

    5x3cmx4wheels is 60cm of Aloominum angle...

    The workshop was trying to get me to buy 20 carbon fibre ones at $10 each... $200 for brackets to hold on the mudflaps...

    maybe save 50grams...

    My co-driver is a fat bastard... I of course am the perfect weight for someone's height...