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Bendix Metal brake pads

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jd, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. When I bought my bike the rear pads were quite simply non-existent (so much for roadworth inspections) - so at the time I dropped in a set of Bendix sintered metal pads and thought no more about it. Took the front pads out today and decided that even though they still had a fair bit of material left before they reached the wear indicator I might as well change them. The old pads were an asbestos type (possibly even the factory originals by the look of them) so decided to go again for the Bendix sintered metal type (since that's all the local bike shop seems to stock). Only taken it for a brief test run to bed in the new pads but already the difference is very, very noticeable. The old pads certainly had the ability to lock the wheel but these new pads give the same level of braking much quicker, and with a far more positive feel. I'm certainly very happy with the change, especially since all it cost me was 60 bucks and an hour of free time (changed the brake fluid front and rear at the same time).

  2. You will probably find that when they get some decent heat in to them they will sqeal a little. The older pads with the asbestos were so quiet as the asbestos absorbed the heat. You will also probably find they wont last as long this time. But if they are working thats the main thing. :grin:
  3. Yeah I know about the squeal problem, I've been getting that with the rear pads (though usually only under light braking). However I borrowed a bottle of brake anti-squeal (basically a rubbery goo that goes between the pad and piston) which so far it seems to be working.
  4. just a quick note JD
    expect to only get another set of sintered metals in there mate before they totally destroy the disc,s to well undesize if they are nominal 4.5 mm discs with a wear allowance of 4.0 mm you will be lucky to get 20 to 30 ks out of them sintered metals are brilliant the trade of is great disc wear
  5. Yeah figured the price to pay would be in disc wear. However most of my riding is straight line stuff, so I don't tend to use the brakes all that much anyway. Just nice to have that extra braking performance there for the times that I do need it.