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Bendigonians (Time and Place Set)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Slade, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Ok well I thought Id just kill my original post :grin:

    Ive decided to show up at the Beechworth bakery, this sunday, just for anyone who might be interested, although I dont think much will be getting done apart from a meet and greet. At this point its just a once of as the day and time may be very unsuitable to most people, But I thought I would just give it a go :). Cya's sunday!

    Beechworth Bakery (Bendigo), 12pm Sunday 25/02/07
    158 High St, Bendigo (Corner of Don and High St's)

  2. Re: Bendigonians

    Kyneton good enough for ya??

    so why don't you put where you live in your profile??? makes it easier to find locals that way.

    I have seen a few other Members form Bendigo and at least 1 in Castlemaine as well

    I'm certainly keen on some rides around the place though
  3. hehe thanks for the tip, didnt even realise I could :eek:

    Kyneton is fine with me, only about an hours trip from bendigo I guess

    Wait and see if any more interest comes up, come on you lot! I know your out there :p
  4. Are you talking about just random blats around town or like 500km to 1000km? I have weekends off and have relo's in Bendigo.. so coming up and spending the day fangin' about with a place to crash if I'm stuff is no problemmo! :grin:
  5. Dunno what slade has in mind but i think some good day trips would be good... 3-400KM round trip...... out to bridgewater and beyond and back or something like that. theres a spare room at my place too in case we end up ot that way
  6. I emigrated to Bendigo at the end of last September and I haven't seen anything outside of Bendigo 'sept for the road up here from Melbourne and a trip down to Harcourt to sample the cider! I'd love the chance to get some 'me time' away from the kids and discover the region. However, having only sat on a bike for two hours for my Ls, I haven't even discovered third gear yet. As I mentioned to Slade earlier today, once I'm comfortable with the basics on the quiet roads nearby, I will be happy to venture further afield.
  7. Im keen on pretty much anything :)

    short blats to small (ie 400-500km) trips.
    Although my bum will be sore by then haha :LOL:

    My main aim was to try find interest around my area, from other riders, and see where we could go from there.
  8. bump... :LOL:
    Come on where are you all
  9. Fairy muff.. Good luck with it all then :)
  10. I'm not in Bendigo, but I'm not that far away so if you do organise any rides/events I may be interested :grin: .
  11. bump...

    come on you bendigo lot, i know your out there, even if your not interested in riding with a newb, say gday wont yah :LOL:

    Id love to organise some stuff but at the moment I have 1 local who is interested, apart from myself, with a few of you 1-2 hours away. I cant really ask you lot to come meet for coffee :LOL:

    On a bonus note, i found out my tanks approx 17 litres with reserve, so I guess I can make it about 200km's safely (i hope) hehe
  12. should hope so... i get 200Km before reserve on my 9 litre tank.

    If i recall correctly, the MRA has a branch in Bendigo which do rides etc, just a thought you may want to consider.
  13. I took a small peak at the mra site, and could only find info of when they did a toy run in bendigo late last year, but not much more :|

    as for my bike, 200km's is on reserve with about 1.5 - 2 litres left
    Maybe its my riding :LOL:
  14. Next time you got to Harcourt you'd better come home via Mt Alexander, now that's a fun road except after a wind storm has gone through and blown branches & crap all over the road.
  15. Ok, well I finally went thru and found the members on the forums listed under bendigo, only got 2-3 different people to send pm's too :(
    and they all didnt look to active at all, apart from Dried Graze who I have already been having a bit of a chat with.

    Guess we will have to start pushing out further hehe, or i'll have to start bugging those local bikers :twisted:

    Also im wondering, this mount alexander road you spoke of? is this even on the way home from harcourt to bendigo, or is it a big detour I need to take? hehe, Im defiently going to have to check it out being how much the roads around this area suck for riding imo.
  16. Don't know Mt Alexander road (but curious to know where it is myself) but if you're coming back from Harcourt along the Calder then take the turnoff onto McIvor road (signposted as a winery turnoff at the bottom of a hill just before the road goes to dual lane) - that'll take you along a nice stretch of road through the granite hills then through Sedgwick-Mandurang and into Flora Hill. Not a bad bit of road and usually pretty devoid of traffic.
    Edit: As per this map:
  17. ive looked at the map you have shown, and i cant for the life of me work out where that is lol :(

    i'll have to go for a ride tommorow and have a look i think :)

    Scratch that, I know the road now, i will defientlly check it out tommorow
  18. Slade

    Organise or post a coffee night in Bendigo!
  19. Hehe will do as soon as I can
    waiting for Dried Graze to get his bike and get him on the road :LOL:

    Then i'll do a lil work with him to try sort something out, like a good night and a good place where we could meet up weekly or bi-weekly :LOL:

    Although i have heard there is a possible BBQ hosted by graze in the next 2 weeks, but shhh, i didnt say nothing :twisted: (lets hope he lets us know)
  20. Please make the coffe night on a weekend?

    no way i'll ever get there otherwise. Would be interested how many riders you'd get, netriders or not.
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