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Bendigo Motorcycle Expo - Sat 19/3

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jd, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Meeting point: Shell Outbound (starting point of the map)
    Time: 07.00
    Departure: 07.30 sharp

    Alternate meeting point: BP Servo, corner of Howitt st and Creswick Road, Ballarat
    Time: 07.00
    Departure: 07.30 sharp

    Length: A bit over 200 km depending on how lost we get along the way. Scheduled stop with fuel available after only ~85km (Bourkie's Bake House, 115 High Street, Woodend.). As far as I'm aware there is no fuel available on the route between Woodend and Bendigo.
    Difficulty: About a 3. You'll need to be comfortable with narrow country roads that are often plagued with potholes and/or loose gravel, and with overtaking cars on single lane roads.
    How do we get back?: Expo closes at 18:00 but there's no need to stay till the end, or for everyone to leave at the same time. For those not in a hurry to get home a return route can be planned on the day, which could also include a stop somewhere for dinner.

    The route map (for the Melbourne start)

  2. I'm planning on going too. Leaving from melbourne though, but yet to make a route.
  3. I'll be heading up, day and route to be sorted
  4. I'll be interested in going :)
  5. We might join you guys , if I can twist Bru's arm to pillion Riley ..
  6. I live in the 'Go' so I'll definately be going.
  7. Only familiar with the bit from Harcourt North onwards but the Kyneton-Lauriston-Fryerstown bit looks interesting.
    Would certainly have no problems with meeting in either Kyneton or Woodend and giving it a go. Both towns have some very good bakeries for morning tea, Woodend certainly being the better of the two.
  8. Cool :)

    I guess we'll be having morning tea in Woodend then :D

    Which day are we looking at going, by the way?
  9. I was planning on this Saturday, only because there's a chance of rain on Sunday.
  10. Yeah I just saw the title... ](*,)

    I'll keep an eye on BOM to see what they say.
  11. For those that will be riding to the Expo, if it's anything like 2 years ago, be prepared to be pulled up by the cops for license checks and whatever else they fancy.

    I drove up for the first one in Bendigo and all I saw on the drive leaving the grounds was bikes being pulled over. Sadly any event focusing on bikes, just like the World Supers, has the police targetting all and sundry.
  12. The road from Lancefield, Burke and wills track up to Mia Mia then Sutton Grange road to Sedgewick and then to Bendigo is a good back road with very little traffic. No gravel bits,
  13. I went 2 years ago, got caught in the heavy rain, but had no issues with the plod.
    Given their antics at this years Superbikes it would not surprise me if they do the "stop all bikes" crap again.
    Still going tho..
  14. Count me in
  15. be up for this as well if we can work out a leaving point from melb?
  16. Do we have a time?
    And is the above map good for all?
  17. I'm a goer for Saturday, Foxtwo's route looks the goods.
    What time at the start point?
  18. Leaving point is Shell Outbound... it's the starting point of the map below.

    Leaving 07.30 sharp so we can be in Woodend at about 9.00 and then at the showgrounds at about 12.30 depending on how long we stop at Woodend.

    I have no idea if this will be "good for all". Just remember that if you are a learner you can go through the twisty bits at your own pace. The TEC will stay behind you.

    Thanks, slight modification to the route (nothing major).

    Warning: I have not personally been on these roads. It would be nice if someone with a GPS took the lead for this one (or someone who is confident leading this route). I'm happy to try my hand at TEC. Let me know if you want to lead - otherwise I'll be studying in the route (but we may get lost :p).


    If jd could edit the OP with the following...

    [B]Meeting point:[/B] Shell Outbound (starting point of the map)
    [B]Time:[/B] 07.00
    [B]Departure:[/B] 07.30 [I]sharp[/I]
    [B]Length:[/B] 226 km - scheduled fuel stop after only ~85km
    [B]Difficulty:[/B] <insert difficulty here> (it is twisty - go at your own pace, the TEC will stay behind you)
    [B]How do we get back?:[/B] The expo closes at 18.00 - if you want to leave before that, feel free. Otherwise I guess we will go together when it finishes and we'll just be cruising along the FWY on the way home.
  19. Was meaning to put something more detailed up, looks like you've saved me some effort :).

    Fortunately I was also thinking of a 9:00am arrival at Woodend simply because that should mean everything is open. Suggest we aim for a 9:30 departure since that should allow time for those wanting coffee/food, and for any stragglers.

    With regards to route not sure if you're aware of the fact you've included 1-2kms of dirt track (Harcourt-Sutton Grange Road). I know that section was not in a good state after the recent floods, but I've no idea whether it has been graded since then or not. I'd suggest shortening the route by going through Faraday and following the old Calder up into Harcourt (avoiding the dickheads you usually encounter on the current Calder). Cuts out a lot of long boring straights at the cost of just two interesting corners.

    I also suspect your route over the Colliban reservoir road may not be readily accessible to traffic. Updated route here:

    Should still get to Bendigo around midday, and I do still planning on stopping in the city for a kebab :) (better than relying on whatever food might be available at the expo I reckon). It's alright for those of you in Melbourne, but bloody hard to find a good Turkish kebab out in the country :LOL:.

    Foxtwo, if you're happy to take TEC that's fine by me. I don't mind taking the lead since I do know at least some of those roads fairly well, but I don't mind if someone else wants to take that role since I only plan on taking a relaxed pace.
  20. Also thinking of making this our fuel stop. Should be able to make it to Bendigo on one take from there for most bikes... if anyone needs on on the way then we can always stop if needed.

    I didn't realise that ;) - feel free to update if you're going to lead it. Does that mean you're coming to Melbourne first, or are you meeting at Woodend?

    Still looks good to me - only you didn't include the new bit to get into Woodend - this is the updated revised new version 500 map ;) http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&....371521,144.591064&spn=0.149519,0.308647&z=12

    Relaxed pace is fine. I'll see if I can source a nice yellow vest by then (maybe one for you too ;)).