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Bendigo Bike show..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firetiger, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Don’t waste your time like I did today... the bastards should have been giving me $10 at the gate instead of the other way around..

    The show ground was 80% bare ... there was a display tent that could hold 100 bikes but there was only 5 bikes in it.. only 2 worth looking at...

    Inside where the distributors were there was NOTHING special or ON SPECIAL...

    I went to see the motorcycle camper trailerS.. but there was ONLY one trailer and it could only fit one person in it...

    A complete and utter waste of time..

    The best part was out in the bike parking area where there were another 200 bikes and bikers there that had been ripped off...

    To those people thanks for bringing your bikes for us to look at.. :D
  2. Agree, nothing much at all!
    Went there with VinceBlack mainly to get to know our new wheels we both got this week.
    So we mainly went for the ride rather than the show.
    We got there towards the end so they just let us in without paying.
    Just as well!

    We had a great day riding which is the important thing...
  3. I was going to take a look tomorrow but it seems it's not worth it. Might pass and spend my day actually riding instead. :)

    Were there many cops around? I heard there were meant to be a few but when I drove past earlier today I couldn't see a single one.
  4. I popped along to this expo but didn't get to the showground until 5:30pm and thought I had missed everything. Based on what has been said though, I guess what I saw was all there was. In which I would highly recommend that this is an event to miss.

    I didn't even manage to get a damn battered sausage!
    Bendigo looks nice though, there is a totally awesome church there on the hill. I HAD to take a pic of it and go inside. (not religious in the slightest btw, but I appreciate good architecture)
  5. I'm assuming you're talking about the Cathedral in the middle of town. Looks pretty awesome at night when all the lights are on around it. ;)
  6. Steady folks this is a regional show, not the huge expo we get in Melbourne, so it is not supported by all the big dealers/importers.
    I went to the first one two years ago,there was less to see then.
    This show caters for the country riders/retailers who don't have the finances to get into the city expo.
  7. i drove 3 hrs to Bendigo i wish i'd have driven 3hrs to Melbourne when their expo was on...

    as for the garbage that they had at Bendigo i could have seen the same stuff x8 by just walking into my own local dealership without paying the 20 bucks!!! ... a total waste of everyones time cept if you had a nice ride there and back...
  8. the "organizers" were told after last years disaster, suggestions of how to fix the show.
    obviously they didn't listen...AGAIN!
    i'm glad i didn't waste my time going.
    elizabeth st is still free to attend!
  9. Haha.. true there. ;)