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Ben Spies to stay with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Another part of the puzzle falls into place.

    Ben Spies have agreed terms for 2010 and 2011, with Spies staying in WSBK for one more year before a transition to Motogp the year after....

  2. As much as it hurts to say it, Yamaha have it covered in this sport at the moment.
  3. They do, don't they?

    Supersport with Cal, Supers with Ben and Motogp with Rossi and Lorenzo.
  4. Cal

    Sorry If I had a blonde moment and missed something, but what is Cal doing next year, is he staying in the 600's?
  5. Cal has, according to reports, multiple options, ranging from WSBK with Yamaha to Moto2.
  6. Would be a career maker or breaker, if Cal went to Moto2.
  7. Moto 2

    Thank you guys,
    Does anyone know the rider and team make up for Moto 2 yet?
    I know that all engines are Honda, so does this mean my beloved Ducati won't be represented with a team and what about teams who run prillas, what will they do?
    I think this one engine thing will put an end to the tribal rivalry that exists in the Moto GP class; I mean do people go for the riders now or the makes?
    I know I follow Ducati no matter who rides for them, although I wish we had Spies, he is hot!

  8. Re: Moto 2

    He rides ok too! :rofl:
  9. so are you, if that's you in your avatar :rofl:
  10. the next adriana?
  11. Goanna, you know you've got it made, when you have the Hornet tick of approval.
  12. Ben Spies

    Hi Guys,
    I am sorry, I didn't mean hot as in his looks, rather I was commenting on his ability as a rider, Ben Spies is the hottest rider going round at the moment in my opinion.
    Holding him back from MGP is dumb, either that or someone is worried he might make the club med party look silly???
  13. Ben Spies is hot property, but think of it this way.

    Under Motogp regulations, he would have to sit out next year on the Tech3 bike as a rookie. Yamaha have Rossi and Lorenzo confirmed for next year. They know that Lorenzo is happy to look elsewhere and Rossi has nothing in writing for 2011. Spies would spend a year on the Tech3 bike and although it might be 'factory', it won't be 'factory'.....There is no way that Yamaha would allow a satellite rider to challenge their factory riders for a title.

    From his perspective it make sense. There is every chance that Lorenzo OR Rossi won't be in the factory team in 2011. Yamaha can supply him with a fully supported factory bike in a satellite team and it won't upset the apple cart. In the meantime, there is every chance he will win the WSBK crown for them as well and, all the time learn the circuits, the team structure and the culture.
  14. Tech3 haven't exactly set the world alight with ex-WSBK riders so far.. :roll:
  15. But they have been consistent runners. If you think that you expect Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner and Pedrosa to finish top 4, then positions 5 upwards are really the only ones to play for (in normal circumstances).

    CE is full of it and always promises and fails to deliver. That said, he's been pretty consistent. JT suffered with his two big accidents that seemed to really set him back. Not sure what other riders would really have done too much more than what they've been achieving.
  16. I'm not expecting JT to even be there at the START of next season. Certainly the interview with Poncheral indicated the team's very dissatisfied with his performance. And it's not as if there aren't plenty of other riders who'd like to ride Tech3.

    So, Spies at the start of 2011 alongside who? I expect CE to announce his retirement in 2010 as well.
  17. Sparrar removed his post?

    Money and politics also plays a part. Motogp is exclusively shown in the UK by the BBC who outbid Eurosport and met the strategic plans of Dorna. Dorna set the fees and reimbursements for all the teams (like Bernie does on F1) and will be offsetting a lot of the costs incurred by Tech3.

    CE, by comparison, does not sell a seat, Yamaha or attract an audience in the US (where Motogp struggles against Nascar for air time on Speed.TV).

    Whilst I am sure you are correct, don't underestimate the power of money in Motogp.
  18. I expect to see Spies take JT's ride before the end of this season. :wink:
  19. Ya spookin me Sparrar with all your time travel.
  20. best superbike riders don't always make the best MotoGP riders -- Russell, Corser, Haga, Edwards, Bayliss, Toseland, etc, etc. (Well shit, now that I think about it, post-Doohan, NO superbike rider has been an elite MotoGP star) -- so Spies will have to prove himself in that field before I start putting money on him at that level.

    That said, he couldn't have done better than what he's been doing so far -- whipping Mladin in AMA when no one else could get near him, then creaming everyone at 1st year of WSBK, save for a few fights from Haga...