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Ben Spies to BMW WSBk?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by grue, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. BMW Italia team boss Serafino Foti has today confirmed he is in negotiations to bring Ben Spies back to the World Superbike Championship in 2013 but took great pains to point out the deal is far from confirmed.

    The Italian media has reported that Spies is already under BMW's wing but Foti refutes that, saying it is at best 80 per cent certain the former champion will return to the series. Talks began for his return at the Brno WSBK round and are continuing but Foti says that Spies is an expensive rider and that could be a stumbling block.

    "Yes, we are talking to Ben but nothing is sure. I like Ben. Also Jonathan (Rea) is a fast rider, also Crutchlow, but in this moment the priority is Ben. We have talked with him for everything and I think it is 80 per cent, 70 per cent Ben come back in Superbike but it is not sure," said Foti, speaking to bikesportnews.com at Silverstone.

    "We will know the situation more the end of August, beginning of September, before the Nurburgring about the second rider. We don't want, at the moment, contact many riders, in this moment we are focused on one rider but it's not sure. Then, in case, this rider not make our team, then we contact another rider. For me, it's not professional to have proposal here, there, here, boom, boom.

    "For sure Marco is signed and he will bring with him six, seven people including Andrea Dosoli, his side of the garage. I think maybe Andrea will be technical manager and sporting director for me."

  2. Looks like Leon isn't going to get his contract renewed even if they don't get Ben's Pies. Spies will join the ranks of MotoGp riders on the way down having failed, like so many WSBK riders before him, to make the huge leap that is required to go from being a top WSBK campaigner to a MotoGp "possible" And, he doesn't even play the piano and have a band to fall back on... :)
  3. In terms of rider skill, I think WSBK is a more honest measure than MotoGP.

    Of course you still need a top notch team and bike but it's more forgiving - I know creme always rises but in GP its just so easy to not find the magical ideal setup in the first season and then you become cannon fodder.

    I suppose I'm just saying that Spies is a more a disappointment because he couldn't get comfortable enough to be entertaining us from the front row rather than him lacking the talent.
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  4. I have to disagree, I'm sorry. If riding skill is quantified by mastering the most difficult bikes then MotoGp kills WSBK stone dead. That is why, on a bike that is working properly, even a MotoGp pilot on the "way down" like Melandri, is winning races against the best of the pack (who are also mostly MotoGp pilots getting towards the end of their careers).

    I find it fascinating that the same people who accuse Casey Stoner of moaning about everything all the time are quite prepared to ignore the litany of excuses that has plagued Spies's season and a half at Yamaha "works".

    If you can't FIND the magical setup maybe it's because you're not good enough to do so???
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    He was doing pretty ok last year. And Spies never talked himself up to the pointwhere he expected himself to win. Quite a different kettle of fish.

  6. RC, you maY be right but with WSBK they are on production chassis' that are designed to be crowd pleasers as opposed to GP which are more idiosyncratic. Same for almost every aspect of the bikes design. Yamaha have developed a bike around the 125 and 250cc style that specifically suits a Rossi/Lorenzo type rider, it says more about the bike than it does about Spies ability I'm my opinion - if Spies rocked up with his own team and Yamaha went out if their way to build a bike around him the outcome may have been different.

    The Ducati is case in point, Melandri is no slouch but the quirks of the bike wrecked him - I don't want this to become a Rossi thing, but the bike as relegated him to the back rows as well. Would things have been different for Bayliss on a different make? Spies destroyed the WSBK grid better than Bayliss did and on a questionably lesser bike as well.

    I'm just saying it's not so clear cut.
  7. Spies spent one season in WSBK and took the title, racing on tracks he had never been to before. That doesn't mean he should have beaten everyone in MotoGP, but I don't think he performance we have seen is indicative of what he is truly capable of.
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  8. He's much better suited to WSBK in my opinion. The riding style maybe, but the attitude definitely.

    I just hope he keeps riding, he's such a talent when he's on form (Last year at Valencia for example,) And his style! My god I love his style!
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  9. Settle down Sheeth! Is there something we should know? LOL!
  10. He will be in Motogp next season, on a Suzuki
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    That sucks, I was hoping to see him along side the best.

  12. The MotoGp paddock is a notoriously closed shop in many respects but, it's hard to keep it all bottled up. There are words of Spies having an "attitude" problem and also that he has made himself very unpopular by making his mother part of his entourage. Those that know say that she is a very abrasive and not very nice person. :)
  13. What a totally unsubstantiated defamatory remark. Who are "those that know" and have you ever spent time as part of the MotoGP paddock or is it all what you've read online?
  14. weren't suzuki out until 2014??

    but I agree he will be back in motogp on a suzuki when suzuki come back to play.
  15. There are some strong opinions! Come on guys keep it civil.

    Suzuki motogp the word is 2014, but who knows. If I were them I'd wait until the rules for 2014 are finalized before making any announcements.

    There might be another big shake depending the performance of the second year of crt, etc.

    Anyway! As long as I get to see the dude ride
  16. I think on the whole everyone has been quite supportive of Spies in this thread, and rightly so he won the WC first try in the most competitive category on not the best bike, but there is too much of this baseless invective from armchair critics like rc36 in this sport, I would love to know who are "those that know" that he loosely quotes.
  17. So how has his mother's personality contributed to his problems this year? He has hit the deck a number of times but he also seems to have had an inordinate run of equipment failures.
  18. I watched the Superbikes from Silverstone last weekend.
    Absolutely amazing race. If anything Spies will find more excitement than pacing around in MotoGp
  19. I think he deserves another ride somewhere. Need to keep an eye on this post see where he ends up:)