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Ben spies leaving yamaha

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by KANGA, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/s...ul2412-ben-spies-leaves-yamaha/_/R-EPI-137247


    Let the who will replace him debate begin!!!!!!

    Dovi recently gave a deadline to Yamaha to give him a factory ride or hes leaving for WSB, definitely been going well this year with a few podiums. Don't know if its enough though. Then of course we have the ol' Rossi angle.

  2. I think dovizioso should go to the factory Yamaha team, he is doing fairly well now and really the only person who could give Lorenzo a run for his money atm, other than stoner but he is leaving.

    No Rossi in my honest opinion should stay with ducati, Hayden and him can handle the bike properly but not to it full potential and I highly doubt anyone else could replace Rossi if he moved.
  3. Crutchlow to Ducati
    Hayden to Yamaha

    Shame if Dovi moves out of MotoGP though.
  4. Spies was the only non alien to win a GP in years,the **** can ride.
  5. Nah man! Imagine if Hayden, Spies and Dovi went to WSBK. Throw in Edwards too. Probably just dreaming, but it'd be awesome.
  6. Only awesome if they start showing races on free to air TV!
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  7. spies to BMW ?

    did I hear BMW may be going into motogp ?
  8. Just taken from MotoGP website:

    In an interview at Yamaha USA headquarters in LA on Tuesday, championship leader Jorge Lorenzo talked about the upcoming Laguna Seca race, teammate Ben Spies’ decision to leave Yamaha, and the rumours announcing Valentino Rossi as a possible teammate.

    Rossi is leaving Ducati for sure. Way too many people are talking about it now.
  9. I can't see Yamaha, or Lorenzo, wanting Rossi back.

    I don't understand why Crutchlow would bother with ducati, could very well be a career ender for him.
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  10. Something has happened to Spies this year on a personal level - he has lost his mojo because of it

    He is seriously not happy about something in life
  11. yeah, he certainly doesn't look comfortable this year at all. Hope he comes good soon (and we don't loose him)
  12. I think it something to do with the Factory Yamaha team. Something has made him "sick of it", kind of like Stoner.
  13. too much sushi ?
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    There are rumours Ben has not had the same parts and support on his factory bike compared to Lorenzo.

    Also BMW WSBK are only going to have a 1 rider outfit with melandri on it. He may be coming in through a privateer on a BMW... Hard to say..

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  15. I thought something had happened like that. It just looked really strange.
  16. That was a bizarre crash. A broken swing arm?? What the f;ck? Did they get the screw from the same supplier as the Panigale??
  17. I wonder if it is the same bike he highsided in free practice.