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Belt / shaft driven mid-size?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bulby, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Like the title says. Just wondering if there's any mid-sized belt / shaft driven bikes out there?

    The F800ST is the only one I know so far that is not a cruiser.

    Edit: By "mid-size" I mean sub 1000cc
  2. Moto Guzzi V7 - 750cc, shaft drive.
  3. 750 Shadow = shaft drive
  4. XV535 springs to mind but that's a cruiser. So is the Shadow, nobby.
    I've never ridden one but I reckon the 535 are great bikes. Heaps of low down torque, light weight, good on fuel, they're about the coolest thing a learner can ride in the price range.
  5. Moto Guzzi breva 750 or 850.

    I have the 1100 very sweet gear change for a shaft drive
  6. XVS650 is a shaftie, honda scooter DN01 is 'something' lol
  7. Have you seen Bulby? lol he'd be like a jockey on Phar Lap, hmm Stoner aint a biggie when you come to think of it. not such a bad call :)
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  8. Okay, what about a Burgman.....
  9. I should have read the whole post Kernel, besides my Shadow's a real one, one of the old ones with a Chain..
  10. New or used?
  11. oh, cool.
    i reckon they should make chain drive systems on motorcycles be enclosed with an oil bath like they used to. low-maintenance, and without the minuses of a shaft drive. but no.
  12. Both. I'm not really buying one (yet). Just curious =]

    That would be awesome. But I guess that would make the bike both pricier to manufacture and a tiny little bit heavier.
  13. Maybe, but I suspect this is mainly about THE LOOK. Enclosed chain would be visually large and uncool... Honda Cubs had enclosed chains - very practical but is that the look you'd want for your sport bike? Probably not.
  14. I am surprised we havent seen automatic oilers become available from factory. They could sell the oil too making another revenue stream.
  15. On the point of loks, for cruisers Belts are the most genuine looking. Screw having a chain.

    //Love my shaft.. I mean, shaft drive.
  16. Yeah. Kinda getting over chain maintenance too. So I'll trying to avoid chains when it's time to upgrade. Emphasis on "try". Still not sure which way I'll go after the test rides :LOL:

    Edit: Although, cruisers are still unlikely, considering I commute on the bike daily. Wide handlebars might limit my splitting / filtering.