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Belt Driven bikes, any good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyro_02, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Hey.. I have been wondering are belt drive bikes any good.. example: a belt driven bike being an 80's HONDA CUSTOM 250cc

  2. i like belts.
    less noise, less maintenance, smoother feeling take off, last a million chains.
    just expensive when they need replacing, and its sometimes hard to see when they are spent.
  3. It's spent when the manual tells you it is.

    Push your luck and it'll go without warning 10,000 kms from the nearest replacement :evil: .

    Maintained by the book they're lovely.
  4. yep, and generally speaking, unlike a chain, you cant just pop down to the local honda joint and pick up a replacement. they need to be ordered :roll:
  5. They also don't like stones getting caught in them, so probably not the best idea if you ride on (even good quality) dirt roads on a regular basis.

    A small stone caught in a belt can chew a belt out in no time.
  6. Most belt drive bikes are Harleys. That colours my opinion a bit. :LOL:

  7. In belts, your choices are limited to big cruisers, or worn out 30-year-old 250cc's. Or Buells. Or smaller BMWs as Bogus just reminded me.

    Apart from the lack of choice of bikes, there's nothing much wrong with belts. They require much less maintenance than a chain, and last longer, but cost about the same to replace.
  8. I have a belt drive BMW and I like the fact I dont have to tension and oil it!