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BelRay chain (not chin) lube

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Adrian Lewer, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. hi all, i have a bit of a debacle on my hands. after my off i have cleaned the chain and have decided to try another lube. i chose the belray lube.

    after totaly cleaning the chain i gave it a ride, let it dry and then applied the lube by placing the bike on the stand, kicking into 1st gear and applying to the inner part of the chain for 3 revolutions of the chain.

    i decided the lube looked anarexic so i decieded to apply to the chain for another 3 revolutions of the inner chain.

    let dry for an hour and went for a ride, got home and hiked it up onto the stand for an inspection.

    now for the problem

    the chain looks like the lube is non existant and not as Er....... oily as the others. does this sound right. looks a little like grease if you look closely but other than that does not look right...
  2. I use carlton draught, inner circle rum or wild turkey, to lube my mouth. Not sure what works on the chin though.
  3. waters a pretty good chin lube!! :p

    um i use belray too..

    but no problemo for me
  4. HA HA yes i was typing in a hurry i will go back and fix. does your belray look like it is not in-fact on the chain after you have applied ?
  5. not really...

    my chain looks very white after I've applied it. Even after a blat to flick off all the bits
  6. it will look white, and waxy. but be assured, that it is doing its job.

  7. +1 same shit for me lol
  8. thanks for the replies guy's i was getting worried that the stuff i bought was no good.

    time will tell for me....
  9. I take it this is the stuff to use bar all others?
    Only new to riding so getting the drum on a few things.
  10. You're talking about Bel Ray superclean right?

    I mean.. if it's white, then you're good. :]

    Also, you don't want to overlube. That ain't good for the chain.
    I mean.. you don't eat medicine when you're not sick right?
  11. :-k
  12. *hides all his vitamin pills.....*

  13. Brother Joel, this is a weird one. Take Care.
  14. yep the chain is white ok... i lube 2 times a week, ride 60 odd klm's everyday. the chain stays white and clean... still looks like a weird lubricant though...
  15. Isn't that a bit frequent? Or maybe it's a CBR125 thing.
  16. 2 times a week is heaps :S

    i do mine like 2 times every 2 months :S
  17. I know people who only use Belray. I also know people who only use WD40. I use a Shell product.
    They all work if you lube regularly and it depends on a heap of things how regular is enough.