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Belly buttons are sooo weird!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Leighroy09, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. So I was just sit'n on the couch watch'n Eagle Eye over a few cheeky beers with my gf and I noticed that belly buttons are the strangest thing 8-[...I mean it like a hole thats tied off in the middle of ur belly!!!

    I know it's been there most of my life but never really took the time out 2 think about it.

    Do urself a favour and take a look!!

    I just googles belly buttons and outies are even stranger!!!

    Some food for thought from the :newb:
  2. Ha, just a few eh! ;-)
  3. haha dont act like u didnt have a peek!!
  4. So... how much does your guy charge a gram???

  5. about $1.30 per liter...u want in? 98% middle eastern A grade crude :)
  6. Don't sniff that stuff.... It's not good for you.
  7. It's now 1:40am and few cheeky beers has turned into many...K9 Cops is on and I'm super drunk...I should be out in the city have'n a ball but due 2 buyn a new bike I have zero lettuce.

    I'm gonna Go sit on my bike and make race noises 2 fill the time.

    nrrrrrrrrrrrrn NNNNNRRRRRRRRRN
  8. $5 bucks he drops the bike off the stand and posts a "rider down" thread tomorrow... :p
  9. haahahaa me and my gf are in stitches from that comment...I seriously have have tears in my eyes :D