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Bell's Line of Road?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by TheYak, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Can anybody offer a few thoughts on Bell's Line of Road? I'd love to know what the surface is like, how 'fast' it generally is (eg, mostly 150+km/h sweepers or tight twisties), and if there are any tricky corners that tighten up and tend to make newbies run wide and burst into flames? Cheers :grin: I'd just ride out and take a look, but we have to use the sunny hours sparingly here at the moment :?

    (I did try searching but no luck)

  2. You mean bells liner road that goes from richmond to lithgow right?
  3. Surface is awesome in most places.

    Trouble is . . .

    Cops . . near Bell, Darling Causeway and Clarence
    Grey Nomads
    60-70 zones through one or two towns
    Wildlife . . . (blue mountains Panther ;))
    Cagers who lose their brakes at Kurrajong bends !
    Temperature during winter !!! . . sleet and moisture
  4. I used to live just off Bells Line of Rd at Kurrajong Heights. I always explained to my wife that it was a disgrace I lived on such a road and did not have a bike.

    The one other thing to remember when riding on this road is the speed camera at Bellbird Hill. It was upgraded a coupe of years ago to book people in both directions.

  5. no, it's "line of", not "liner", therefore so named because of the surveyor called "Bell"

    As above - some days you get a good run, many not - when the wind is up you have to be careful of a lot of leaf litter and sticks on that road, and it narrows towards lithgow with lots of concrete barriers that confuse the local wildlife.
  6. you'll get yerself killed real fast if you ride based on the opinions and skills of unknown people from the interweb that also discount local hazards on the day. Ride sp you can stop in the space you have available (what you can see) and you'll be able to run that road many happy times in your long(er) life.
  7. It been wrecked in recent years. speed cameras and stupidly low limits.

    You always had to watch trucks and you could be stuck behind them for a while, but not many car drivers used to use it.

    Still it's a better ride over the mountains than the highway.
  8. Thats if a Kurrajong redneck has not put a sticker on the lens or a .303 round through it ! :LOL: Each time I pass it it seems to have been vadalised !

    Its only in one direction for us bikers ! . . . no front numberplate ! :grin:
  9. :LOL: Thanks Mum! Take your point, though I always ride my own ride as it is :) It doesn't hurt to know of tricky sections in advance though, for example corners that aren't posted correctly or at all, bad spots of surface, etc.

    The first part of the question was actually loaded to find out whether it's worth doing on 250s. About 2/3rds of the Putty Rd isn't, for example...so, is it mostly tight and twisty, or sweepers that need to be taken fast?
  10. err, why? You are starting to sound like a man who will shortly join the 18-25 statistics or the endless list of posts here about 'i crashed'

    If you don't know, go and have a look at the bloody thing. From the point of view of the rest of us however, we'd be better off in the long run telling you that Bell's line, the putty, all mountain passes and the whole of victoria all suck for motorcycling and you should just ignore all of it.

    You've obviously never had a skilled chap on a 250 go around you on a racetrack I take it! Practice and learn - you don't need a big bike to enjoy any public road. Instead, see what you can, and if you get stuck behind a bunch of traffic, stop for a little while and enjoy the scenery before going again.
  11. I really don't appreciate the statistic talk mate, you have no idea how I ride or what my attitude on the road is like.

    If you think it's a bad idea to get info on a road before going there, then that's fine.
  12. Having ridden with TheYak, I have to admit he is one of the most sensible noob/learner riders i've met ! His approach to speed and riding to ones ability and bike is something most new riders should adopt . . . . take is a wrap Jakob, your words of wisdom made me think about my attitude to riding !

    c'mon, he even kept up with smarteeee on the Old Road !! :LOL:
  13. +1 mate... Think Bonox got out of bed on the wrong side this morning
  14. Bells Line is a good rd for bikes and with a good mix of sweepers and twisties to make enjoyable even at the speed limit. I know some riders find the first section of putty rd a little dull (though personally I don't know how you get bored in only 1hr 15min of riding before you hit the twisties) but Bells is a consistent mix of tighter and more open rd.

    Gear up though as it gets colder the further you get out at this time of year....
  15. Bells is a great road for a hoon on, doesn't matter if it's a Bike or WRX Sti.. but the cops are getting more visible on it lately.
  16. an online forum is characterised by no body language and facial expressions. I do however understand a little about how people present themselves in writing.

    You have here a learner talking about roads having 150km/h sweepers and roads not being suitable for riding at all on a 250. You just had feedback on the road conditions, but again, that doesn't include anything about what happens on the day - including wind, rain, potholes opening up what the 'locals' are doing or old mate and his caravan doing something unexpected around that blind corner. You present yourself in your "attitude" as someone who believes you need to be doing triple figures around hairpins for a ride to mean anything!

    Before you all get upset, go and quieten down for a while and then read what was written!

    I could add to this that i'm interested in two things: the continued safety and happiness of old mate Yak, and my continued enjoyment of a motorcycle that comes with not having others throw themselves down the road and spoiling it for all of us.
  17. bonox, go untwist your knickers :LOL:

    I do think TheYak was just asking if there are any tricky spots and if the road is enjoyable to those on a 250, going at 80-90km/h instead of 100-110 (or breaking the limit)

    Perfectly reasonable questions. You picked a particular point, and told him off for it, even though you took it out of context and presumed it to be something else (from what I can tell anyway). People may live in the local area and as such may know more about the condition of the road. People may have ridden it over the weekend and be able to tell you about things like roadworks and the general condition of the road. All things that are useful to a rider who wants to enjoy a ride.
  18. I wasn't particularly impressed with the Bells line of road last time I rode it. But that may have something to do with the fact that it started snowing as I was heading up it & they closed the roads for 1/2 a day or so :LOL: :LOL:
    Its still a bit too close to suburbia for my liking -ie Granny pottering along at about 40km/hr under the limit etc. And terrorists -I mean tourists seem to like it as well.
    But then again I hated the Putty road as well. Except for the couple of kays of twisties at each end. But thats just me
  19. I did this rd on my virago...had enough fun going along at my own pace :grin:
  20. Its only really got two "good" sections and they're very short. One is coming up into the blue mountains after leaving winsdor, and the other is coming down from them just before lithgow. The top part is ok, but they are generally all high speed corners, similar to the middle part of putty. Personally I'd make a day of doing The Putty, but i wouldn't do bells line for th hell of it, more of just a much better alternative to the great western hwy for getting over the mountains.

    Be careful if it gets slippery at all up there, i've come across two head on crashes on that road just after they've happened. Especially with these temperaturs the road most likely won't be drying up well from the night time.

    Also you'll probably find theres a lot more general traffic going from A to B on bells line, and fewer motorbikes, unlike putty which seems to have more motorbikes then cars up there on good days, so be prepared to put up with a bit of traffic, especially coming back on a sunday afternoon.

    Hope that helps.