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NSW Bells Line of Road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Zim, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. A couple of mates where heading up there on Sunday and one had an unfortunate encounter.There are hardly any overtaking lanes on this road,maybe 2 or 3 from Kurragong to Bell.Typically the limit was 100ks for years but is now 80.My mate was using one of those lanes to get past a slow bunch of cars but that ended with a speeding ticket for 115 in an 80k zone.The cop had the overtaking lane staked out.He was sitting in his car Lazering for anyone minimising there time overtaking.He got a $371 fine at 35ks over and might be walking for a while.So thats another pensioner/ criminal/hoon off the roads.Yes I know he was speeding but to me its also kinda dumb police action.So take care using these lanes,but whatever you do dont pass on the double yellows,thats also naughty.

  2. Yes I agree , by stalking an area like that that is clearly safer than a lot of other sections they are going to fill their little book up quite nicely ,purely
    due to the nature of an overtaking lane.

    Very similar to what happened to myself on the Old Pac the HP were targeting actually the safest bit of road ,double lane 80 k good vision and road condition when there are far more dangerous sections with blind corners that riders push too hard.

    It makes it hard to believe the constant spin the popo come out with about
    non revenue raising and all about public safety , if that were true they should be on known black spots or out chasing kiddy fiddlers or ice heads.
  3. The tricky part with old rd is that it's two different jurisdictions. From Cowan to Brooklyn bridge is Gordon HWP and the north side of the bridge is Brisbane Waters. That's why the 80km side is more heavily enforced, even tho it's got the higher speed limit and is safer.
  4. This will change, they're getting rid of HWP jurisdictions. It used to be over Mooney-Mooney it went into Brisbane Waters LAC instead of Kuring-gai (I think?).

    I read about it on here somewhere but I can't remember where.. I'll post back when/if I find it
  5. You could be right but I've definitely seen BW cars close to Brooklyn. As I found out tho the cops out this way aren't too concerned about following their own rules.

    My mate got picked up by a BW car pretty much at Brooklyn bridge but there was an APB out (or whatever they call it here) so maybe it's different.
  6. I think with an APB its free game, don't think jurisdictions come into play with that stuff.
  7. I would think it was a race.