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Bella Vista House Prices (Sydney)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Danhendo888, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. doing some reading on property but cannot find answer as to what it is that makes the median house price in Bella Vista so expensive when compared to its neighbouring suburbs?
    it just jumped out at me.. while prices in kellyville and blacktown not so high, bella vista approaching if not surpassed $1m+ median house price?

  2. yup that's what I noticed as well. I think its because those houses are brand new, within planned estates and are "designer" built. Rather than plain brick / weatherboard.

    So that commands a premium plus you are surrounded by similar houses so that provides a blanket lift in prices

    Edit: at those prices, you can find places closer to the city... but obviously smaller land
  3. Its because of the great view... Bella vista, geddit?????
  4. Apart from being new, Bella Vista has always been expensive since they started building there (it was paddocks before). So everyone there have similar types of middle/upper middle class lives. There isn't the mix of old rundown houses or cheaper rentals mixed in the average street. So they get to charge a premium.
  5. Would it be the new Train station they are building at the end of Lexington Drive, Bella Vista.....
  6. Nah - not going to be open for years. They haven't even started digging the tunnels yet.
  7. Middle class snobbery. Bella Vista was a new estate in the early 90s, so a lot of the houses are actually getting to the point of needing significant maintenance now. It was popular then because people from the western suburbs, that had come into a bit more money wanted to get away from the more traditional western suburbs. They paid a premium, but got away with it because of the housing boom in the mis 90s.

    It's held its value ever since.

    It's actually had a flow on effect for that entire NW region of Sydney. that entire area is pulling big numbers despite having no public transport and being a good hours drive away from anywhere.
  8. Add in an upgrade to public transport system and it will prob have a bit of a mini boost.

    I remember 10 years ago when you could get a decent 2bedroom unit 15min from the city from under $300k! Now they are asking $600k+ for a studio (read: shoe box)
  9. Yep, I hear ya, I bought a 2 bedder in Erskineville 18 months ago for 695