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Bell star carbon vs Shoei gt-air journey

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Cluuuu, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I'm tossed up between these two helmets, can anyone shine some light to whether one is better than the other? And if so why?

    Love the design of the bell yet the reputation and build of shoei helmets can't be overlooked for me either

    Mostly used for day-to-day riding.
  2. I have the bell star carbon. I have never worn the shoei but my bell is the best helmet i have ever worn by far. I also have the photo-chromatic visor which is just amazing.
  3. Tried them both on yet?
  4. Pretty sure the Bell is made in China if that sort of thing matters to you. Shoei should be made in Japan.
  5. Yes the bell is made in China but there is no doubting the build quality.
  6. Try them both on. For day to day riding the Shoei might have the features to win out over the Bell, but it's also more expensive. But words on a forum mean nothing when you actually try a helmet on and it's the shell is the wrong fit for your head.
  7. The GT air has internal smoke visor the Bell does not
    The bell has photo-chromatic visor option which will give you a clear visor at night smoke during the day.
    The Bell star carbon is lighter then an Shoei XR1100 but not by much not sure what the GT is like for weight.
    Liner on the Star is awesome, If Shoei use the same liner as the XR-1100 then Bell for comfort wins.
    Bell will be a size smaller then Shoei so test fit carefully
  8. What's visibility like from the bell with your head down?
  9. visibility is crap if your helmet was incorrectly fitted. I should of been XS but bought small. But Monsa did give me a free XS liner which has improved tucked vision. Just waiting for need 50mm cheek pads to arrive from the states to give it a good whirl before buying a new helmet
  10. i was tossing up between the bell and shoie x12 as these were the only 2 that fit my head properly. I am happy to pay a premium for all my gear and will not skimp on quality to save a dollar. i ended up with the bell and could not be happier. im just waiting for the photocromatic visor to come in that i bought with it. (fyi you should be able to get atleast $100 off the list price because i managed to get a bit more than off)

    and just look at it…. its just really, really, really, ridiculously good looking (zoolander?)