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Bell RS-1 - Short Term Review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by WKD60, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Morning All,

    Wanted to share my views of my most recent gear purchase. This is the first time I've been compelled to do this, as I've been very impressed with my new Helmet, the Bell RS-1

    Bit of background that lead to this purchase. My first helmet, an AGV Horizon which I purchased for $500 from memory, which I've had for roughly 2.5 years, was a great helmet. I bought it as it looked great, had the internal visor, and was reasonably priced for a top brand helmet. So I purchased the AGV online using their sizing guide, in a Large. It arrived and was a great fit. For about 2 yrs... As the cheek pads wore in, and compressed, the helmet became too big, and I found it moving around my cranium a disturbing amount. (This was my 'playtime' helmet for weekend rides, evening cruises and such. Compared to my second helmet, it only got worn 1 out of 10 times I ride.) So it was retired and has been in the cupboard ever since. (Now sold)
    I've always had a second, or rather, primary helmet. A Bell Revolver EVO, for commuting duties. As I go though security checkpoints every morning to get to work, the modular helmet is a must have for me in that regard. I purchased the EVO locally, and it's a Medium. Around 6 mths ago I purchased Bell's transition lens, and it's been that good that I no longer wear my sunglasses under my helmet, and rarely use the internal visor.

    I have been using the Revolver Evo as my 'every ride' helmet ever since I retired the AGV. Being a modular helmet, it's NOISY and a little heavy, and prone to buffeting.

    So, after recently purchasing a new bike and riding from Townsville to Innisfail and back wearing the EVO, I decided I needed a new 'playtime' helmet. The wind noise was just too much, and TIRING. I had some cash from selling my old bike and parts, so I started doing some research, looking at Shoeis, Arais, HJCs and the Bells. I did the rounds around town, and finally went down to the local Bell stockist, where I purchased my EVO, and had a look at the Star and RS-1. The Star was great (especially the bare carbon finish, SEX), but the RS-1... wow, looks and feels just as good as the star but for hundreds cheaper?? It fit me great, had all the quality of the Shoeis and Arais and was a LOT cheaper. But didn't have an internal visor... But that's ok, my Transition lens would go straight on to it!

    So I was looking at roughly $500 for the RS-1, rather than 700-1000 for the other offerings. I wanted something hi-vis (no, not bright yellow, just lightly coloured), so the darker scheme's were out. The Liner Pearl looked great, but not a fan of white helmets. Topo Snow Camo looked great... Bright red with splashes of white, that's the one! The red would tie in nicely with the Stripler, not that I want to look like a power ranger mind you... They didn't have it in my size, Medium, but that's ok, I didn't want to commit just yet.

    So I went home to do some research. Jumped on Ebay to have a look at prices, and stumbled on some run out sales. The old scheme, 'Emblem', was on sale for $280 +$30 post. The white version looked fantastic but was only available in a Large. The Hi-Vis Yellow was available in Medium. Wow, that's BRIGHT. But $310 delivered is a BARGAIN. Oh, wait, an Ebay coupon offer for 10% off?? GTFO, $280 DELIVERED??
    And so it was done, and three days later my new Hi-Viz RS-1 turned up.

    As a side note, do I feel bad for buying online rather than supporting my local store? Sure, a little. But I've had some warranty issues with my EVO (actually, EVOs, plural, but that's another discussion) that they didn't deal with as efficiently as they should have, not returning calls etc. And they weren't prepared to move on their sticker price for a return customer... So, actually, no.

    Didn't get a chance to take it out till Friday night. It was a revelation for me. It is incredibly comfortable. No buffeting like previous helmets. The interior lining is fantastic. And QUIET, holy crap it's quiet. I thought the AGV was quiet. The AGV was NO WHERE near as quiet as this helmet. I've got a whole new standard of what a quiet helmet is. Did I say quiet enough? No... once more for good measure... QUIET.
    Further, the ventilation is far better than the AGV also. The Horizon is highly regarded for ventilation but for me I could never feel it over the crown of my head. The RS-1 I most definitely notice a difference when closing and opening the vents.

    Do I have regrets going with the Hi-Viz yellow? Not an inch, it looks fantastic. I'm usually quite understated, preferring simple non-contrasting colours, so my wife was shocked when I opened the box!

    So, to wrap this up, I'm VERY impressed with the quality of Bell's RS-1. The pricing (RRP) is incredibly competitive for the quality you get, and with run out sales available, you are getting A LOT of helmet for your hard earned. The interior lining is very comfortable and looks durable, the helmet looks great, is VERY QUIET, and ventilation is very good. Bell offer 5 yrs warranty, which I've been told is the best in the business. I'll update this post in 12mths time, if I remember, to give an updated long term review.

    Great helmet!

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  2. I'm looking at replacing my AGV K-3 soon. Might have to check this one out.
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  3. The bell Rs-1 helmet is great , I retierd my Rs-1 this week.

    I bought the bell star carbon dunlop replica a few days ago .
    It comes in a mad bell helmet bag right out the box.

    The star carbon is much louder then the Rs-1 helmet thou!

    image. image. image. image. image.
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  4. Mate, definitely check them out. If it suits your head shape, I'd highly recommend!

    Oh, that is seksy, and would have matched my EVO very nicely :woot:

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  5. Liking the idea of transitions as I'm sure it saves weight from having the internal drop down visor. How is the fogging?
  6. Hard for me to comment on fogging... I'm in FNQ, so... yeah.

    But every review I've read rate the Bell anti fog they apply to all their visors as very good.
  7. My previous helmet was an RS-1, had it for approximately 3 years.

    Fogging was not a problem, although I did install a Invision (anti fog insert) after a while. Winters in Melbourne and all..

    Otherwise, it was a good helmet for the price. I experienced a bit of buffeting with mine on a naked bike, but wasn't a problem when I was on a faired bike. Noise levels where accptable, I do wear ear plugs though too. The liner was fantastic, no noticeable compression of the liner even after the 3 years. Reason I replaced it was I dropped it one too many times and was getting concerned of it's integrity. It was probably fine, but meh, good excuse to get a new one. Replaced with a Shoei NXR, although almost bought another Bell.
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  8. I am a big fan of my RS-1, it's lighter than a lot of helmets that I tried. Wind noise isn't great (but I don't have much to compare it to). I found that it can fog pretty easily when stationary and breathing heavy but the ability to open the visor a tad makes it much better when riding in traffic (this would also add to the road noise). When doing any sort of fast riding I lock the visor and don't experience any fogging.

    I got it on sale from PS when they were running out the 2014 colour schemes (same exact helmet as the 2015 range). All in all I would highly recommend this helmet as a day-to-dayer.
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