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Bell RS-1 or Star Carbon?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Jabba, Jul 8, 2014.

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    I am looking at a new helmet and at the local bike shop they have the bell RS-1 for $350 and the star carbon for $400. I was originally going to just get the star for a much better more expensive helmet for only $50 more, but after reading reviews of both the RS-1 seems to be a much quieter helmet. I ride more upright on my GS500F so the more race oriented star carbon may not be suited to that style of riding.

    Anyone have either or had both and able to give me any advice?

    These are the reviews I used, they have racing for noise, ventilation, visibility, etc.


  2. Hi Jabba , I have the RS 1 and really like it . It is the only helmet I have and use so cannot compare to anything else sorry . One feature I do like is the magnet at the end of the chin strap so it does not flap around , it clips back onto the buckle . The visors are real easy to changeover from clear to tinted. Have had it since January this year and done 4000km's with it , so far so good .
  3. I also have a RS1 & find it the lightest & comfortable Helmet Ive ever had. I have also purchased a photochromatic visor which adjusts tint to suit
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  4. Personally, the lighter the better for me, I've had a hjc carbon which weighs in at 1350 grams for a few years now, love it.
    Go for the lighter one.
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    Thanks guys, I'm not sure on the weights of them, but they are both a bunch lighter than my current Bell Revolution Evo. That is the main reson I am looking at another Bell, I have an iridium visor already and they fit both the RS-1 and Star. Strangely too, the size that fits me for the RS-1 is a large. My Revolution is an XXL! dafuq?

    Mine has that too, it was awesome until the magnet fell out lol!

    The Star Carbon is only 75 grams lighter, so the thing that is gonna sway me is the quietness really. I wear plugs, but the few times I haven't it is really painful at anything over 80km/h
  6. You're sort of answering your own question, I think, and just looking for answers that will reinforce your own. The "better" one isn't always better. :)
  7. Correct! I was hoping I was missing something though. I don't understand how a $400 RRP helmet can be quieter than a $700 RRP helmet of the same brand...
  8. One is more track focused. The other is more road focused.
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  9. Whats the update now on this old post?
  10. Welcome to NetRider.. I have a Bell Star Carbon and find it exceedingly noisy. Most of the noise seems to come in around the neck and via the shell. When trying helmets on, just tap the shell with a finger nail - it will give you a feeling on the sound transmission properties. The inner (solid foam) shell should stop some of the sound but at the ears there is a gap for a headphone and just filled with light weight foam.

    Drop down to practice on a Saturday and have a chat with some of the guys/girls, they are a friendly bunch.
  11. I have an rs1, was a bit tight around the temples but has loosened up now. Whichever one you go with, do get the photochromic visor. Brilliant not having to carry an extra visor when out and about, and tints up or lightens really quickly. We'll worth the extra cost. :)
  12. I have an RS1 also.....photochromatic visor is sick. Bloody noisy helmet though. I was gonna get rid of it until I installed my sena 10c and jammed 3 riser pads under the speakers so they squash up against my ears and muffle some of the noise.
    I've pushed earplugs in all of the vent holes and no matter what angle the helmet is in relation to the wind or whose bike I am on its loud as fak.
    But it is incredibly comfortable.
    The bell helmets fit my noggin better than other brands, it's light and cool to wear so overall I would recommend them.
    The new race carbon looks the goods but the plate things in the helmet dig into my head so I'll stick with the rs1 for a while.

    What were we talking about again?
  13. I have had used agv k3, shoei x1100, rs1
    I had an acciddnt and only started riding again. I found that rs1 medium was light but neck roll on the back of my neck pinches my neck muscles and give pain. So i bought large size but it feels heavy. Installed intercomm and it weigh down the helmet more giving me neck fatigue. Definitely need lighter helmet. I will be trying bell star carbon next and i hope i can give me review on it. If its not great than i will buy NEXX XR2 CARBON 1200gram weight