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Bell Rogue Helmet Announced

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Kind of a strange setup for cruisers and lookers.

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  2. Looks mad i recon(y)
  3. i wonder if they got the idea from "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"?:p
  4. i want one when is it available in australia??????
  5. You reckon the mask will help is a stack occur or just to protect from the elements?
    Does look pretty cool
  6. Don't think it will help in a stack but its got to be better than wrapping neoprene or bandanna around your face

    Victory hardball 2013
  7. Update on the availability on the Bell Rogue helmet... I have heard that the helmet will be available for Australia possibly as early as March and it will be priced around the $250 to $300 mark. But the colour options may be limited to gloss black and matt black. Dont quote me on it, its just what Ive been told.
  8. Helmet warehouse says it is not available till September.
    I will be buying one the SECOND it is available. Will look great on my 48!

    Furthermore, Waysidekane, Why didn't you get a HD instead of a Victoridavidson? :p hehehe.