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webBikeWorld Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. The sub-$250 helmets made by Bell are probably the best-kept secrets in motorcycling.

    HJC overshadows everyone else when it comes to value-priced helmets and there's nothing wrong with that. But there's something extra special about the $100 to $250 helmets. Bell calls this "bang for the buck" and we definitely agree.

    I can say this with certainty: the Qualifier DLX once more proves that Bell makes better "value priced" helmets than anyone else.

    For example, the DLX includes the Transitions photochromic (darkens in the presence of UV light) face shield, treated with Bell's "NutraFog II" anti-fog coating.

    It also has the fantastic Bell "ClickRelease" face shield release with its micro-click raising and lowering system -- it's one of the best in the business.

    Excellent all-around ventilation includes a chin vent with not one but two vent ports that flow air through the chin bar. And how about a brow vent? It's rarely found on a helmet in this price range and it's just like the one on an Arai costing 3x more.

    Factor in the Bell Helmets five-year warranty and you'd have a winner.

    But how about the best bonus feature of all: the Qualifier DLX has a built-in port that accepts either the Cardo Q1 or Q3 intercom (review), the basic Cardo Qz or the Sena SMH10 and the new Sena 10S.

    The SMH10 is a bit long in the tooth and about to be replaced by the 10S and the Cardo Q1/Q3 pair are relatively new and a perfect match for the Qualifier DLX.

    An optional adapter is necessary, however, to install either intercom.

    We've been using the slightly higher-spec Q3 along with the optional 40 mm Cardo speaker set. The upgraded speakers are a noticeable improvement over the stock speakers that come with the Q1/Q3 (which are actually pretty good also).

    And if you want even more volume, hook up a new Iasus EAR3 amplifier for music as loud as you can handle.

    We feel that all of this potential makes the Bell Qualifier DLX the best sub-$250 helmet you can buy today.

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  2. Looks good, I wonder how long the visor takes to transition
  3. The first few times when new, a couple of minutes. After three or four rides it takes less than a minute. Takes twice as long to transition back to clear.

    Looks like a good value helmet. Heaps of specs for the money.
  4. That's quick & your right that is a lot of value think I will have to check it out.
  5. Really?

    My by alright if you only ride in straight line, but it seems pretty pointless if you are travelling on a road with corners of an afternoon or morning. It actually could be a bit dangerous.

    And that article is hard work. I couldn't figure out that pricing structure. Looks like it cost about $2,000 with all the options.
  6. Like a lot of gear it would be a good option. Would be for a second helmet not to many twisties on the M-F commute
    I always go by the lowest price well that's the one I show the missus anyway
  7. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh. If you have sunnies on, and ride into a dark corner it's just as bad, I suppose. I just expected the transition to be seconds, rather than minutes.
  8. The transition is fine. A windy road is a non issue. I mean, really... how dark are these 'dark corners'?? :nailbiting:
    I've never experienced it, but have heard the only time anyone notices the transition being an issue is going from bright sunlight into darkness, ie tunnel.
  9. Thanks for the link to the review on the Bell Qualifier helmet, I found it quite useful.
  10. I bought the same helmet in the clutch grey pattern about 5 months ago and I was supplied a clear visor not the transitions visor. I was told they have to legally supply clear visors to sell them in Aus. The transitions visor is a $200 extra cost

    Only negative is I found the helmet a bit noisy at freeway speeds. Earplugs help this however. The visor also scratched already on mine

    For the price it is super comfy, the helmet seems well made. All the padding can be removed to be washed. I wish they supplied the transitions visor tho....