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Bell Helmets in Oz (pref. Sydney)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by coeus, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Found an awesome site - but it's in the Uk.

    Have picked out some helmet that I like - such as:





    Does anyone in Oz actually stock Bell?

    Am going to be in the UK soon, unfortunately I believe if I get a helmet from overseas, even though a local copy passes our standards, the overseas can't be used due to lack of sticker :(


    Thank you.

  2. first you ask - does any one in Australia stock bell

    \then you claim the local copy is the same

    how would you know its the same if you do not know if any one stocks bell ?
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  4. Thats a USA company - check the calling hours - 3am till 12 midday

    they use a skype telephone number and have set it up with the australian 61 country code
  5. that's true, they just masquerade as an Aussie site.
    you can get bell helmets here but they're not approved for motorcycle riding on the road.. don't have the AS certification, strange but true.. i think they're overated anyway.

  6. who sells them ?
  7. yeah they are more designed for motor racing

    I think that bell carbon one sells for like over 2 grand
  8. i know, but that's all they bring in here, apart from bicycle helmets.
    some of the blokes on the Aus street fighters forum wear them, just for a diferent look i guess.
  9. I was referring to a generic 'helmet' if you notice. Hence not Bell specifically in the statement that you're basing your comment on.

    So just to re-affirm, I have not seen anyone in Oz that has those helmets.

    Am glad MONKEYMAN backed up the sticker idea. (No sticket = illegal).

    Thank you guys.
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