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Belatedly minding my manners

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jomac, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Apparently it's not good etiquette to ask questions without introducing yourself first. Sorry because I have been very rude for some time.

    I am much better at riding than I was when I first mounted my 250GV Hyosung last May. Since passing my MC licence a few months ago I have started riding and socialising with the local Ulysses group.

    Can't wait to upgrade - probably to my husband's Triumph Bonnie (please don't tell him yet).

    Here's me with my daughter who is a great pillion unlike my husband who forces me to ride on the tank.

  2. Welcome...that are a few of us "oldies" that hang out on here. :grin:
  3. Great photo :roll:
  4. Don't like the photo huh? MMmm, but the back of my head is my best angle and I was performing the amazing feat of staying upright on two wheels.

    Oldie? Oh well can't help growing old but can stay immature for ever.

    Kind of wondered what the point of of introducing myself was, just like reading and learning about bikes but saw others being told by forum moderators that you should say hello here.
  5. hello and all that but who actually took the pic, they did a good job at making it look like you wernt wobbling :LOL:
  6. THanks Tigger - I will pass on your congratulations to the photographer, think they used high speed to minimise shakes and wobbles.

    Of course a few minute later we would both have been in the offroad shrubs.

    Good luck on getting your licence.