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Belated introduction!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MC_Elzee, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Hi all -- I just found out I should have posted in here before posting in others threads, so apologies for that. I'm Liz -- a 41-year-old from Sydney, who first started riding when I was 18, but life has gotten in the way a fair bit since my mid 20s and I am only just starting to be able to ride regularly again.

    I made the mistake of buying a 'cheap and cheerful' scooter, which is already in the workshop, and I am looking into my rights about getting a refund or getting the company to buy it back.

    But the most exciting news is I have just bought a 2004 SR400! Can't wait to take possession. It's the one in my avatar pic.

    This is a great forum and I am happy to have found it :)
  2. Welcome

    That SR400 looks great (y) I reckon you'll have heaps of fun on it. :)
  3. Welcome Elzee, we've bumped into each other on here already :D

    Forget the scooter.....get that SR400 running.
  4. Hi Liz, nice to meet you formally! Glad you got such a nice bike, enjoy!
  5. Hi Liz.

    I hope you get more joy out of the SR400 than the scoot.
  6. Haha, Crazy Cam, I definitely will :)
  7. Your rights sit under the Competition and Consumer Act (2010).

    When purchasing a good, it must be of acceptable quality - that is, that it would operate reliably to expectations. Please note, the phrase merchantable quality no longer exists with the change to the CCA 2010 from the Trade Practices Act.

    You do have an excellent leg to stand on here - I would offer the dealer to buy back the scooter at the exact price you bought it for. Following this, if rejected, tell them the scooter wasn't of acceptable quality to you (constantly needing fixing, power loss randomly).

    Also note a futher requirement under the new Act is that goods are reasonably fit for a disclosed purpose. I would argue that your scooter, for its common purpose of commuting, would not meed a reasonable fitness test for its purpose.

    You have a lot of protection here and it is worth using it. However, give the dealer a chance first.
  8. Welcome, there's a few of us from Sydney on here.
    You're welcome to join us for a group ride when you get the 400 up and running.
  9. That would be terrific, 109er -- thanks very much. You're from a pretty beautiful part of the world over there in Scotland Island.
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  10. Thank you, it is beautiful - shite for doing laps on the bike though :)
  11. I like to piss him off by rev'in past Church Point on my Daytona ;)