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Belated Hello

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VeeMan, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone. After reading the thread in 'Bikes For Sale' about people not introducing themselves, I feel a bit guilty. I tend to feel self conscious about 'announcing myself' and prefer to lurk for a while, contributing when I feel I have something that may be helpful to others, rather than 'chat' - sort of easing into the 'relationship'. I just happened to be thinking of changing my bike when I stumbled on to this forum. Hence, my first post being a Sale ad. I genuinely thought I might be doing someone a favour (as well as helping myself), who might be looking for a very well cared for bike.

    I started biking in the 60's in England - when it was all Rockers and Mods. First road bike was a 250 Ducati. I knew a guy that raced one at the Isle of Man and used to get all his cast-off bits. I loved working on bikes and so became a motor mechanic. I went on to teach Motor Vehicle Technology for 7 years. The biking dropped off as family life and a passion for Slalom Canoeing took over.

    Came to Oz nearly 15 years ago and got back into biking - you guys don't know how good you've got it here! or maybe you do. Moved to Healesville (from Mentone) nearly 2 years ago - ready for retirement - since my wife and I tended to mostly end up riding out that way on weekends. Funny thing is, I've hardly had time to ride since we moved out there, due to working on house and garden (5 acres). Intend to get back into it this Spring, starting with the Snowy Ride. Currently have a Firestorm but looking to get something more pillion friendly. Love sports bikes but need to be more considerate of my wife's comfort, if I expect her to accompany me on long rides.

    If any of you guys are in the area and may like to drop in, you will be most welcome. Let me know if you want contact details.

    Regards, Graham.
  2. Hi Graham, you will find these forms a lot of fun and a lot of good info as well. I am a bit of a lurker as well and enjoy keeping an eye on the madness here. I’m only over in Warby so if you’re up for a ride sometime let me know.
  3. Welcome

    Hey Graham, welcome to another rider in his glorious 50's
    I bet you've got some stories about biking in England in the 60's, make for great telling on one of our overnight rides.
    I lived for 4 years in your's and farawayman's area (Yarra Junction) and rode an old Kawa 250 triple, some fabulous roads there.
    Don't lurk, get into this, I bet you could make some good contributions (and we need some calm older heads among these young whipper-snappers!!) :wink:
  4. welcome graham

    you werent the firestorm , i gave the card to in the servo up there for ozfirestorm site about 6-10 months ago ?

    anyway email me if your not on firestorm

  5. Welcome Graham :D I'm surprised groberts hasn't mentioned this but rock in to coffee friday nights and met up with the mad bunch , just wonder over to the ride and event section :D .
  6. ditto coz i am lazy

    Cheers 8)
  7. Finally, we get some class in here. Welcome.
  8. Wellcome "sir" :D While you're renovating, better paint the parking lot for 30 or so bikes. If you live up there and say "if you are in the area" , mate Healsville is THE AREA for riding, therefore you will always have some bikers around! :) Anyway, hope that you find this place interesting!
  9. Welcome to the forums :)
  10. Welcome to the forums