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belated hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. *ahem* sorry, forgot to do this.

    Hi! I'm 'new' to netrider, though I've been lurking on here for years reading all of the tons of useful (and not so useful, ha ha) advice for newbies, with a view to getting a bike at some point.

    Recently a mate of mine got his license and a bike and has been on and on about how much he loves it, and I realised I'd been putting off doing it myself for no good reason. So, I booked my Ls and started spending an obscene amount of time looking at bikes online for my first bike to learn on.

    I'm a computer systems engineer with over a decade of experience in that industry. I work with high end UNIX systems mostly. None of this, unfortunately, gives me any insight into motorcycles, unless they happen to have a computer system wired into them.

    I live in Sydney with my wife, and when I finally get a bike and my learners permit, will be commuting to work every day on it. :)
  2. Morning chrome

    Welcome to NR :grin:

    You have been a chronic lurker, but now you're here. All warm & fuzzy.

  3. You get 20 lashings for being so late with the intro too lol

    Welcome to NR :)

    Bring your wife along to the dinner night we are having :) There are going to be a few of us there lol Details see the thread in NSW Rides/Events :grin:
  4. Welcome Aboard !
  5. belated welcome
  6.  Top
  7. A 'shiny' welcome to you, Chrome :LOL:
  8. Welcome to NR Chrome you bright thing you.

    About these '20 lashings' everyone seems to be lining up for - where exactly are they going to take place??? And ... are there degrees of lashings, i.e.

    Minor misdemeanor = 5 lashings
    Med. " = 10
    Big " = 15
    Very big " = 20

    Oh yeah, who is going to administer said punishment????
  9. Yeah that scale sounds about right :twisted:

    As to who gets to administer said lashings... well I think we need to vary that because I dont have THAT much time on my hands lol

    Hey TG, wanna help me out with the carrying out of the sentences :LOL:

    The first round of Sydney lashings will be dealt out at the dinner night :grin:
  10. Sounds do-able. We're talking a little cat-o-nines whip, right, cause that's easier on the disspenser. I'll send mine up to you, Sirian. Sweet! :twisted: :LOL:
  11. Thanks TG , shall bring it back when I come down in August hahahaha
  12. That's just not possible, but go sit on as many bikes in shops, if that helps. :grin:

    Don't some bikes have 'puters in them??? :?

    (Just wipe it off first, girl haha!)
  13. Thanks everyone for the welcome!

    I have to say, Netrider has been a great resource for me, researching a bike and license and gear etc. Obviously a lot of people post a lot of different opinions and it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, but on the whole there is a lot of good advice here.

    You do seem to like lashings. Theres a few stores near here (Enmore/Newtown) that can cater for that particular fetish :p

    Might just do that! I will (hopefully) have my Ls then. But, Mrs might have to walk as she can't drive the manual car, ha ha! :D

    I kind of avoided that ... thats for the NEXT purchase. If I went and sat on, say, an XVS650A, I might have been compelled to buy it. Which, I might add, looks like I will need to save up enough for a cruiser, because most of them, I really like. A lot. Some of them have too many bits hanging off them but I really like the Yamaha and one of the Suzukis .. M90, I think it is.

    Anyway, must see if I can stay upright on the Honda first, before getting carried away with myself ;)

    Undoubtedly. Fuel Injection would be the most simplest example, but people are wiring up all kinds of things now. And maybe electric bikes will become popular if they can get the batteries to not weight a ton. Those things need decent computer systems to feed the power to the wheels intelligently and to manage the power systems.

    To be honest, I don't think its a good thing. Lumping a computer into something doesn't necessarily make it 'better'. It just makes it more complicated.
  14. Wooohoooo I am so glad I live in the inner west :grin:

    **is off on a shopping adventure**
  15. Rechromed

  16. Ohhh alright then lol, Chrome can come along. All bets are off if you order a chai latte though ok lol :wink: :LOL:
  17. welcome nr

    welcome chrome im like you been here for awile dont know what i was missing.live long ride hard.