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Belated Gday

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by holmesy, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Hi all, just popping in and saying gday. I went to register for an account here, but it seems in my youth (most likely as a 15-16 year old enthusiasts) I had already registered here.
    I've finally purchased my first motorcycle, an 05 SV650S and figured here is a great place for socialising with fellow riders.

  2. Welcome Wissher (Mark), you probably hold the record now for longest registration to first post time. :)
  3. Haha, 5 1/2 years, welcome. I hope they have wifi in the old folks home I wouldn't want to miss your next post :)
  4. So do I win a prize?
  5. You win the benefit and example of our collective wisdom, humour, bloody mindedness, stupidity, anger, whimsicality, grumpiness, riding skill or lack thereof, and community.

    A good deal usually ;)
  6. #6 holmesy, Aug 11, 2014
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    This was when I picked it up. first bike and first ride wasn't going to be 300km home!! We towed it about 3/4 home and I rode from there. Was fun. Clocked up 600+Km so far in the last fortnight.
  7. Welcome, sounds like you are catching up on some missed rides. With the crappy weather lately you're doing well.
  8. Yeah mate. Most Mondays and every moment in between I'm out. To be fair. It was 100km the first day of ownership. But yeah, every chance I get I go out. It's my preferred for, of transport