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Being separated from bike & My first Wisemans ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Megan311, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Hi All.

    I registered, posted for a bit and then left you all. So it's been 2 and a bit months since I purchased the love of my life and although parts of it have been EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING, i'm starting to feel damn good about it all again.
    Not sure if any of you remember but I purchased the bike back in December and rode it a few times (wasn't confident and dropped it on myself!) before it started playing up.

    The bike wouldn't start unless it was clutch started & after around 5 minutes it overheated and sounded like it was going to die on me.
    I was pretty damned annoyed as I had only had It for a few weeks and rang Bikebiz back to let them know. They picked it up for me as it had completely stopped working and after 3 ANNOYING AS HELL weeks I got it back. They have pretty much replaced the whole engine as they couldn't figure out what the problem was. And because I was so ticked off about the whole situation, they gave me a jacket which i was pleased about. I can't explain what happened inside of me when i saw my beautiful little baby drive up my driveway ready for me to go for a spin.
    Only getting my license in Dec, I was a little nervous getting back on it due to lack of inexperience (i thought i had forgotten how to ride)but boy it felt good as hell. A little shaky down the driveway but once i was out of there i felt comfortable again. ( I sound like somebody that's owned a bike for 20 years when i've only been riding for 3 months lol)
    So i agreed to go for a ride from Kurrajong to Gosford (via Wisemans Ferry, Mangrove Mountain etc). Good idea that was.
    I sha* myself all the way to Wiseman's and stopped at the nice pub there for some nachos. After getting out of the pub and getting back on, I rode to Gosford no worries and had an absolute blast. The others had ridden a little ahead which was ok as I didn't feel any pressure to catch up :) and my bike feels a whole lot better!
    The reason i guess this ride meant alot to me was because I hadn't experienced such roads yet (had only ridden to work and back, m2 style)
    and I felt like I learnt alot... that may sound a little silly but I got the chance to practice some turns I found hard, at my own pace in a real life situation. Some car drivers were quite annoying & impatient but the other people on bikes were understanding and a pleasure to be on the road with.
    I feel like i am able to ride alot better if that makes any sense?

    Anyhow, ride back from Gosford through Galston Gorge etc was a little scary once I rode on the Gorge but again, a good experience. Got home and my body is still a little exhausted.

    I have my p's test in a month so i'd like to become more experienced with turning etc....I think this will be a nice thing to do on Sundays, much better than going out Saturday night, drinking and waking up with a hangover to sleep all day.
  2. Good to have you back again Megan. Great to hear you're getting your confidence back.

    Keep your eyes peeled for rides in around Sydney, as there are prolly a few coming up. The Sydney half of Netrider seem to be getting their act together finally.

    I'm always up for spin on the w/ends, so feel free to PM me or post up a ride idea...
  3. Sounds great.... I'll keep my eye out and make an effort this time around!
  4. Hi Megan.
    I have did the same ride ,and as you im on my L's ,you have to just take your time and it's a good fun ride.
    And with the galston rd ,and its one crazy road ,
    the five x 5kph corners really test your skills.
    I actually had my feet on the pegs on the last one.
  5. I agree with Pete. It's good to see Sydney Netriders getting things moving along, especially for new riders like us. Let us know if/when you want to ride and I'll be happy to join you, as would be Pete and others, I'm sure. I wouldn't mind doing the ride you described above. let me know if you're keen to lead a ride along there and I'll join you.

  6. I think I might be heading out again next weekend.

    Keep you all posted!

    That's if you don't mind a slow rider that screws up a bit :)
  7. Dudes, just found out about another little ride on Saturday, Hornsbyish out to Windsor Richmond. Won't be an official Netrider thing, but if you're interested, PM me and I'll get you the details when I find them out...
  8. I live in Windsor, I'd be up for meeting up with a few people
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  11. I'm up for any rides in Sydney, but alas I to am still on my L's. Have managed to tackle Galston Gorge three times and I can't wait for more. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. howdy shoey, another hornsbyite :)

    am doing a learner ride at the end of march. doing the same or similar ride to what i did for the P plates Test at st.ives. not sure if they still do the same ride at st.ives. if anybody has any updated info on this that would be sweet.
  13. Well it's great they added in a Jacket after the hassle, least they could do, but a lot of places wouldn't bother.

    And good move letting the pack go ahead, no need to put yourself in danger trying to keep up.

    Good stuff

  14. Welcome back :) Hope all goes well from now on :)
  15. im goin for a ride to wisemans ferry this weekend ill keep an eye out for netrider number plate holders
  16. Welcome back Megan, good to see another rider in the Sydney group.