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Being good without god

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TarmacSamurai, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Given the religious discussions that have been happening here lately, I thought this was interesting. It's a full page ad taken out by the American Humanist Assoc. in today's Washington Post.

    After the Creationist uber-right Christian that was Bush, Obama is certainly a breath of fresh air.


  2. Linky?
  3. its a step in the right direction to have someone in charge that won't use 'god's will' as a reason for every bad/costly decision.

    religion and government should be separated, but unfortunately that is rarely the case. not just because I'm an atheist, but because historically it has terrible consequences when religious beliefs are used for justification of actions, sometimes actions are driven by those beliefs, and religions don't have a tenancy to be accepting to other religions.

    it made me a little angry that part of the US presidential inauguration involves a prayer and swearing an oath on the bible. Despite Obama's personal degree of spirituality, it sort of sets the tone doesn't it?

    Humanism is a step in the right direction of rationality and reason.

    good for them.
  4. They did it again because the Chief Justic f'ed up the wording. The second oath was "an abundance of caution" and done in private without a Bible. Nice that Obama doesn't put too much stock in the religious pomp of it all.

    "The president said he did not have his Bible with him, but that the oath was binding anyway."

  5. Seems a waste of an ad putting it in the Washington Post - would have thought it's just pointing out the obvious to most of it's readers.

    Ads in "Pig Hunting Monthly" or "Pickup Trucks and Hot Cousins Weekly" might be more effective at getting the message through to the right people.
  6. He is still an infidel and therefore must die. But now he not only havs hte rednecks after him but the extremist religious sects.
  7. Yeah, they could have placed that better! Hopefully they've placed it elsewhere too or will do over time. And with any luck the Washington Post ad will get coverage (like this very thread) and spread around the place.
  8. Yeah, my old Christian Right Republican friends are already making a huge deal of the second oath not being taken on the Bible...

    Seems like a smart and sensible guy who has his own faith but is prepared to let others have theirs, or not, and govern for everyone.
  9. Of course the danger now is that if Obama f*&ks up the Christian groups will undoubtedly use his non-religious upbringing as a reason.

    I also suspect criticisms of Obama will use his lack of religion as a proxy for his race - ie a comment like "he can't (whatever) because he's not christian" may well just be a thinly veiled "he can't (whatever) because he's black" comment. After all it's still okay to discriminate against atheists.

    Shall be interesting to see how certain US news media reports on Obama's actions.
  10. That's pretty farkin funny.
  11. I think they were running it in Pickup Trucks & Hot Cousins Weekly actually...
  12. Americans don’t need a god.
    They need royalty… which they have now.
  13. Actually, I'd say that is much less the case now that there is not the social convention of attending church every Sunday. These days it seems that most of the people are in church because they want to be, not because they feel like the should be. All of the people I know who go to church do so because they feel that it helps them to get in touch with their spiritual side, deepens their connection to God, and generally helps them to live a better life. If that is the case, then who are we to judge them for it?

    Or as one Mormon said to me once: "If it turns out that there is no God I wouldn't change my religion because I still think it helps me be a better person."
  14. Australia's very different to the US though - we've got one of the lowest church attendance figures of any country (just 7.5% of the population according to Wiki).
    Church attendance in the US on the other hand is 41% of the population on average - obviously in some parts of the country (ie the Bible Belt) attendance would be significantly higher.
  15. You'd better believe it. I lived in the Bible Belt for years. (Teaching evolution, among other things... interesting times!)
  16. So do you have that on your resume as "heretic" or "witch"? ;)
  17. How thick are you all?

    Do you have any idea what you're talking about?

    Barack Obama is a born again Christian, with links to some pretty traditional and hard-line christian groups. He spent quite a deal of time trying to severe the links with these guys, but never came out and denoucned them.

    His mother was actually very religious, but his father was born a muslim, but later became an agnostic/atheist.

    How many of you need to clean your underpants out at the mere mention of the bloke? Read up on things before you start worshipping the ground the man walks on.


    Royalty too, ffs. You don't even know anything about the bloke and it's like the second coming of f*****g Jesus.
  18. You make me giggle QW
  19. I always thought that the Kennedys were more like US royalty.