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being fined by recognition only??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Guest, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. hi, just got a question.. im planning a custom paint job on my bike, and i was wondering if im doing something stupid on the road and get spotted by a copper, but they dont get my license plate number, and they arent able to pull me over ;), are they allowed to fine me later on just because they recoginse the bikes paint? im in QLD by the way...

  2. um, perhaps you should just dob yourself in now...

    if you do get a custom and make a 'habit' of doing 'stupid things' not only will the cops know its YOU, so will joe public.

  3. i dont really care if the cops know me.. the bike will be totally leagal and engerneered so they cant say anything... i just wanna know if they can legally fine me later on if im pulled up at a parking lot, or if they just pull me over later...
  4. what do you plan on doing, mate?

    i say stick to legal limits and you have no problem. break them and you'll get away with it for a while but it'll catch up with you sooner or later.

    safe riding.
  5. Answer is YES!

    You can be busted anytime they want as long as they recognise the vehicle and can identify you. You would need to be able to prove that it wasn't you riding it as the only means of getting off I reckon.
  6. yeah not answering my question... and when u ride a bike as powerful as my gsxr 30k over the limit happens with out u noticing... not like on a little spada ( i also own a 250, and ride it, so im not pissing on 250 riders).. and me and my mate were just talking and once im known, and they can write down my plate.. and when they see me, they can just say that they got my plate anyway... but just on those odd occasions when im going rank on the bike...
  7. thanks triway.. just wanted to find out
  8. Thruan, I very much doubt they will be able to fine you by recognition, unless it's on camera...

    eg: "i know you were speeding mate, i saw your bike"

    you could be somewhat "scared straight" by the cops... but unless they have hard evidence(camera, visual id of plates etc), i don't think they can say "yep, it was him i know it... no one else has that paint"...

    of course with a custom job you'll stand out more, and once they know you(if you're a regular offender) they'll be able to pickup your plates real easy
  9. Yeah for speeding maybe, but dangerous driving, careless driving, failing to indicate, overtaking on double lines etc, etc, they can just send it in the mail, or come and visit you later in the day when they've finished their donuts :grin:
  10. Ok I had a very unique looking bike... I had never been puled over coz they recognised me from some were preaviously... what had happened is they (cops) set a trap for me... they knew where and when I was going to be.. and they knew my plate was on a funny angle (so the speed camera could not take a photo)... so they got me FOR THAT and ONLY once... They did tell me thay had a photos of me and my bike speeding... never seen a fine...
  11. If your plannin to do stupid shit on the road id be more worried about people recognising the bike and waiting next to it for you to come back so they can "have words" with you :wink: ...
  12. the police cant fine you for things like speeding, dangerous riding or what ever reason unless they have you on film or camera
    this is what i would be more worried about..
    but say it was it was a epa test then yes they can just send it over the mail to your house..
  13. Ah, yes they can. They can fine you from an in car radar (They dont have camera's on them). They can radio their mate up the road and get him to fine you. They can even fine you if they "observe" you speeding, even if they dont have a recording device. Eg if they are following behind you for a period of time, they are on the speed limit and you pull away from then.
  14. you might even get a phone call or a visit.... :oops:
    all they need is your plate, and they have all your details.
    be careful dude. :wink:
    have fun but take it where theres less traffic...
  15. Im not sure, but i know i have a custom paint job and it draws a lot of attention, from both the public and the police.

    I get randomly pulled over and have cops in cars just looking at me as im at trafic lights and so on.

    so be prepared to be given a few little fines that will chew you out of points quite quickly.

    I got done for an argueably obsurced number plate 3 points
    and an argueably non australian standards helmet
    another 3 points.

    Only coz i stand out.
  16. The key point is that the coppers / RTA/EPA etc etc... must be able to identify the vehicle positively, and be willing to swear to the ID in court (if need be).... A number plate is a useful ID for all the above but NOT the only ID.
  17. I can only speak for NSW. Here if a Police Highway Patrol car sees someone on a distinctive bike speeding, but subsequently lose sight of them, thy can't just issue a fine to the owner in the mail because you are the bike's owner. Under NSW law fines can only be posted to the bike's owner for "operator onus" offences - which are defined as parking tickets, red light camera and speed camera offences. You then have the right to fill in the statutory declaration on the back and nominate the person responsible. What i more likely to happen in the situation you describe is the police would pay you a visit the following day and put a notice of demand on you to provide the details of the person riding at the time. You then have the option of telling them, or clamming up and making th police work it out for themselves.

    Hope this helps.
  18. was talking to my family member in the force who is in the TMU (new name for the TOG) and unless they have lotsa witnesses you would be safe
  19. Actually, if it's a traffic offence they are enquiring about then you are legally obliged, as the owner of the vehicle, to nominate the driver/rider at the time of the offence. If you don't then you wear a ticket.

    As to the id issue - identifying a bike or vehicle can be the same as identifying a person in a Court matter. If the description is distinctive enough to prove that it is your bike then the Police have every chance of proving the offence. Rego plates make very easy work of an id, but has been stated earlier, they are by no means the exclusive way of making that id. Vehicles are linked to serious mva's all the time through paint analysis, headlight fragments etc etc. Same deal.
  20. If you're going rank you should get another set of fairings. saves you scratching up your good paintjob.
    and you wont be recognised when you go home and swap them over.

    or get some of that toorak tractor spray on mud.
    wash it off after you've had your fun!!