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Being completely surprised

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, May 5, 2015.

  1. So I am riding on a nice Saturday afternoon with my son in some rolling Adelaide hills. He has a Honda 250 cbr rr. Now I see lots of kids with these bikes. I found him a mint 2010 4,000km aqua ninja 250 as his first bike. I thought I did well. a few months later he rolls up with what I can only describe as a wrecking yard Frankenstein monster. It even still has that white texta markings on some bits and pieces around the motor.

    He traded his mint ninja…..on this 1992 pile of questionable nuts and bolts. I dont care that it has ‘street cred’. You dont ditch a mint 2010 bike, not even run in, on a wrecking yard sourced grey import that is 23 years old.

    That was a year ago. he has got it tuned, put racing tyres on it and taken it to the track a few times. Its still registered, but on this day I decided half way though the ride to stop and swap bikes.
    Getting off a VT750S and onto a 250 like this, the pegs are way back and I was thinking how am I gonna change gears crouched like this…..unlike the lumpy v twin sound and vibration of my bike, this was like a sewing machine in smoothness, no hesitation in revs and I pull out onto the road.

    I hang back at 80kph coming to terms with it, absobs bumps with ease, nothing too dramatic that has my alarm bells ringing. Look at tacko and its about 6-7RPM im thinking the redline is 18,000!!! There is no way it could be operating right. I move up to 100kph and the tacho is just slightly higher. Defiantely there is no way this tacho is working if I am doing 100kph and there is double that left over …..on a 23 year old thrashed 250!!! No way. Its like a turbine in smoothness, even despite its dodgy wrecking yard past, and 23 years of who knows how many owners thrashing the shits out of it.

    I will post a pic if I can and all i can say is that for a 250, this represents how much can be achieved when the best of the best engineers get together to make a bike.
    I can see why my son didn’t want a ‘commuter bike’……as he calls ninjas. I love the look of the ninjas though.

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  2. A 250RR has far more street cred to those in the know.
  3. The 'Baby Blade' as it was known, was the (ill)ogical extension of the sixties Grand Prix racers, tiny engine, stratospheric revs and penitential rding position. Honda would probably still be building it if it didn't cost as much to make as it did....
    Well-documented history here
  4. Humorous read :) My apologies if it wasn't meant to make me giggle! ha ha ha
  5. I'm on the look out for my first bike, thanks for bringing this one to my attention, its not something any homogeneous buyer's search tool would have pinged as a result. But, and I can't understand why, I really quite like the idea of it.
  6. Look, he bought a GREY import. there was some brought in with australian compliance plates. they are the ones to get IF you can find them. they are not comfortable like a ninja etc. you are in race riding position. if you can handle that all day then all good. i am an older guy so i want to be comfortable.

    good luck. if you get a good one, they are to be treasured.
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  7. Go find a 250 two stroke RGV etc if you want some real eye opening.
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  8. Surely they're not lams?

    Even Suss a rs125, goes like stink for what it is
  9. Not lams but the i assume the op has an open licence since he is on the vt750
  10. My neighbour lent me a ride on his RS250.
    Sounding just like a GP bike winding up through the gears on the motorway, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face!
    So much fun to ride, but would take some getting used with no power down low and race seating.
    Is surprising just how well some of these 250s go.
  11. The main thing that has occurred to me is that here is a bike that for many of its 23 years has clearly been abused, unloved, unappreciated. The bits and pieces with that wrecking yard marking pen signage all points to a bike with an unfortunate history.
    This bike represents the glory days of engineering to me, and when you look at today range of 250. They are clearly a marketing exercise. They owe nothing to any race period. In the end its all about making $$$$, but all I can say is that for a machine that has had such an unfortunate history, it has more heart than many bikes with double the capacity. It’s a shame that a piece of Honda racing history can be treated like this.
    I have told my son we should strip the thing and rebuild it slowly as $$$ is avail. it deserves it.
  12. I had a CBR400RR NC29 as my first bike for a brief time period, had to sell it again due to finances at the time, but it sure was grin inducing up to its 15,000rpm red-line!
  13. There's a couple of the early 1990's cbr 250's out here in the barossa and for a little bike they sound damn good and the young fellas who ride them flog the crap outa of them and never seem to have any trouble.I thought about one as a work bike but a bit unsure on how it would handle 120kg rider lol but they do sound like fun
  14. When I started looking at bikes in Australia I knew I wanted something small but never considered a 250. Then I did my research on the 250RR. I've had a few issues with her, but nothing you wouldn't expect from such an old bike (like you said that has probably been abused by a staggering amount of young owners). I can say this is the funnest bike I've ever owned. Very proud of my Baby Blade.:D
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  16. My bike's plastics are pretty rough too. No indication of being dropped, though except maybe in a parking lot. Just a lot of wear and tear.

    It's funny how downgrading (or just riding a smaller bike) can humble you. This bike is reminding me of my first year riding and teaching me that if I want to go fast, I gotta work for it....not just go buy it. ;)
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  17. CBR's are a nice machine, I'm rz500. just too big to ride one. I remember these beasties when I was growing up, this is the 500 but I remember the 250's....two bangers that went like s**t outta a shanghai!
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