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being chased

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by FormerUser1, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. You'll be fine, no worries.
    TripleM just reported that radar caught a pink BMX on the Monash but couldn't identify the rider since he wore the helmet backwards.
    Just while the chain is hot...loob it.

  2. you need to get a red bmx , there faster.

    what were you stuck in 4 th gear ?

  3. :roll: :roll: :roll: and i love suzuki's .
  4. Well you can take the dumbarse award for the week...

    anyway I heard BMX tyres are prone to melting once you get past 2fiddy?
  5. Buddy would not put a post like this on the internet as the police can get a warrant for ur ip address and if u really pissed them off they will come looking for you and your bmx you never know who could be reading this. :eek:
  6. yer mate they could confiscate your training wheels, then youd be well and truly fcuked
  7. :D :LOL: ](*,)
  8. intuiged to know how you have the presence of mind at 300k/ph to cover your plate (or was it covered by your P plate) and also to be able to estimate another vehicles speed at around 250 .... i have never been at those kinda speeds but dont imagine it would be very easy to study another vehicle through your mirrors at that speed .... wouldnt they have been shaking all over the place ? or does the world become a more peaceful and quiet place at that speed
  9. I think the world can be whatever sort of place you want when you're Mummy has tucked you into bed and you're having a nice little dream...
  10. Haha :p
  11. Don't worry, be happy.
    At least you won't have to pay a Citylink fee.

    Like they say at the superbike school, you are better off covering your speedo with speed tape and concentrate on the racetrack in front of you. That way you can go faster in the corners. 8)
  12. Spot on "G" , I hate looking at the speedo.
  13. ive never been at those speeds but at 220 in a cage your too busy concerntrating on whats coming up to even have a chance to look back. Even focusing at these speeds is difficult. I find anyway.

    You must be like superhuman dude, have you considered the profesional circuit? :roll: :? :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I didn't think a pink BMX could do 300 kph :LOL:
  15. mate its got booster training wheels ;)
  16. and we wonder why bikes are getting a bad name and speed cameras are being put in eveywhere.

    spoiling things for everyone
  17. No chance you were doing 300kmph cos I passed you on my way home and your wee legs were going like the clappers but it was a police go kart with a pissed of kid cos you knicked his sisters bike ya fool......!!!!!!

    Put life into perspective.......speak to a scotsman today !
  18. Is it just me or is this guy a dropkick? :roll:
  19. Where I come from, he'd be called a dumbass troll.

    ...don't feed the trolls.