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Being caught on a bigger bike whilst on Restrictions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rengel, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Guys,

    Have anyone of you (or know anyone) that has been caught on a bigger bike while on restrictions TOWARD THE END of your restrictions?
    I'm talking 3 weeks away or something from having your open licence?

    Did they let you off? Or did they still slap you the fine & a good talking to?

    Interested to know..
  2. happened to a mate of mine, 2 weeks left or something and got done on an older fireblade. they really wanted to pin something on both him and the bloke he was riding with and went over the bikes as well as they could before slapping a fine on him and driving off fairly dissapointed :LOL: (they were called in on a complaint about them)
  3. Don't know about short time to end of restrictions.

    I got caught in '86 with about 6 months to go. By the time it got to court, I was on a full license and with a clean record since the event and a letter from my employer suggesting I needed my license to keep my job, I escaped with a fine...
  4. Yes, a guy I know got booked with 3 days remaining.

    Regardless, the fine is the least of your concerns. No insurance, etc, etc. Serach the forums for further details.
  5. 3 weeks? why would you risk it?

    personally, i reckon they'd let you off if you had a quiet exhaust and were REALLY polite
  6. Simple answer.... Dont be so bloody stupid...

    You have 3 weeks to go and you are going to risk getting done. Stop being such a bloody squid and serve ya time. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    In my opinion, if a person is riding a bike that is above their legal restrictions they should be (unless it is an emergency or something):
    - lose their bike license for 12 months
    - bike should be inpounded and sold
    - Have to go through the entire L's and P's process again

    Keep the car license though. :D
  7. my son got caught riding a big bike on a little licence ....... $110 and no loss of points .........

    yes it was stupid.. yes it was dumb.. but for a $110, would you rather ride a litre bike or a quarter pounder.

    BTW..take a good look around in here and you will see a few of the folk you ride with who ride outside of their restictions.
  8. I say do it. but dont dare complain if you do get d!cked, or end up in some serious shit if somthing goes wrong, coz it could cost you a shit load more than 110 bux.

  9. Yeah and if you hit someone or something, even if it isn't your fault, you're out for all costs, including their hospital/medical costs.
  10. Not in Victoria, provided the bike is registered. All is covered by TAC.
  11. Only immediate/emergency care is covered by TAC. Since you are performing an illegal activity, extended care (rehab, etc.) is not covered under TAC.
  12. All is covered but not your loss of income or impairment benefits
    ie. compensation for losing the use of various bits....

    Interestingly you MAY be covered if you are over .05 and below .24 (see below)

    The other person is totally covered.

    The TAC will consider a person to be licenced if at the time of the accident they:

    held a current and valid motor vehicle licence, for the class of motor vehicle being driven

  13. Mixed emotions from a number of riders.
    Good response, I'll pass on the message to my friend(s). ;)
  14. I wouldn't risk it either ....

    I've only got 2 and a half weeks before i'm off restrictions ... and a Speed Triple begging me to ride it ... arghhh. If only it would rain for 3 weeks straight ... that would make the wait easier.
  15. Track day? Airfield? Private property?
    I'd be doing one of the three if i had a Speed Triple begging for me to ride it!
  16. Hehe ... Track day sounds fun ... but i can't bear the thought of stacking it without insurance.

    Made sure I did the first 1000km "run in" correctly for the first month I had it ... GOR, reefton and what not (boy it sure sticks to the road!) ... a bit risky without insurance, but after that I have just kept the engine warm by riding around the block a few times every week until restrictions end ...

    Soon ... then you'll probably be seeing me on all the Netrider rides!! Can't wait :)
  17. So you mean a purely arbitrary penalty based on zero facts that such offense deserves such a punishment? Hmmm...sounds like pretty much everything that motorcyclists have a problem with :-k

    I dont think its that bigger deal so long as the rider is careful and not riding everywhere. I have a mate whos about 3-4 weeks away but picked up his CBR929 last weekend. I took him for gentle spin up thru hurstbridge and around. Nothing silly. He was familiarizing himself with the bike. He wont be riding it to work till he has his full license.
  18. Ummm, what gives you the impression insurance covers you at trackdays?
  19. Eh i get pulled over all the time and the cops never say a word, maybe nice bike but thats about it. Usually a breath test.

    I know the risks and im prepared to take em. I would have died of boredom waitin the time out on the 250... Defeats the purpose of why i took interest in bikes.
  20. Hey IK! Actually ... i'm under the impression that no insurance would cover me at track days ... I'd rather take a cheaper 250 or 500 to a track day which i wouldn't feel too distraught if the worst happens.