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Being buzzed by WW2 fighter planes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. #1 waedwe, Apr 11, 2010
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    We have a small airport near where hangars house peoples private planes, we sometimes are buzzed by a old australian wirraway, but today have been watching flyovers by 3 old WW2 fighters in formation, have been over at least 10 times, the engine noise is awesome. thought i'd share my crappy mobile phone footage of them
    need a better camera i think

  2. Any idea what they were? I love old WWII planes.
  3. i agree. get a better phone so you can take better videos.

    Imagine reading that statement 10 years ago...
  4. i think 1 was a soviet yak, a local owns that, and it had the communist red star markings, could be the highlands warbirds people, they fly out of a little airport in joadja.
    edit. they only have 2 planes so no idea who it is
  5. hmmm WWII planes

    The question posed -- is there any machine more beautiful than a WWII spitfire ?
  6. Probably not. The P51 was beautiful, too, but the Spitfire's purity of line was almost perfection. On that subject I am most unimpressed with the local one at Temora that is painted with a ghastly set of jaws around the engine cowling like the old Tigers used to have.
  7. Didn't one crash last time you and I rode through there ???

    Kawasaki did make bombers and trainers during the war !
    Maybe take the ZZR to visit its ancestors ! lol
  8. Agree ! The D-model only but, with he exposed canopy! . . . other Mustangs look like Kittyhawks. !
  9. Wayney-pooh !
    Did you put on your NIMBY hat and call your local member ???

    If not . . . you southern highlanders are soft !! :D
  10. +100. I should have qualified by saying only the full bubble canopy ones...beautiful.

    For the benefit of people who don't know what the heck we're talking about...

  11. I would call my local member, but only to demand my rates are used to fund more flyovers :LOL:
    Agree on the bubble canopy being much better than the old cage type 1 on the P51
    The crashed 1 was a boring old cesna or similar.
    We could rig up a anti aircraft unit for the pillion seat on the ZZR but will have to adjust suspension to deal with the recoil on corners

  12. Little of topic sorry but WAEDWE -- I suggest you check page 9 of the kevlar jeans competition - I also sent you a PM
  13. thanks motolegion, pm sent, and woooohoooo
  14. Yep only took the poms to make the mustang right... pity the yanks didn't listen to them sooner.
  15. I remember when I was a kid, we were liveing on a farm between Forbes and Grenfell, two old (I'm assumeing) WWII fighters flew low over the farm house, haveing a mock dog fight, as far as I could tell

    Few weeks later dad went to investigate why the TV signal was so bad... the TV ariel had been snapped in half by something 8-[