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Being booked for briefly speeding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Owl PhD, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. When travelling on a motorway that is 100kph, I usually travel at about 102 and keep it there using my gps so I know it's accurate, however when facing a headwind I can briefly creep up to 107 for a short while then I'll back off, I think I'm OK with that, but then there are times when I'll pull out to overtake someone travelling in the low 90's and next thing I know they speed up and I'm overtaking at 120 briefly which is rather annoying.

    I'm sure many people recognise this situation, has anyone been booked travelling at 120 very very briefly?

    Also I was wondering how safe is it in various states of Australia with regard to travelling at say 5kph over the limit. I have heard anecdotal whisperings that Victorian police will book you for that but not in Queensland. Anyone have any experience of being booked for travelling marginally over the limit?
  2. Meh.

    If you're caught at 120 the cops don't care if you're overtaking or not.

    But we all do it.

    Improve your roadcraft and make sure to the best of your knowledge you're not overtaking when any popo/camera cars are present.
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  3. I overtake a lot faster than that
    don't back it off after
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  4. I have been booked on the Black Spur in one of the few legal overtaking zones. My opinion is that the less time you spend on the opposite side of the road the better. The police position of enforcing maximum speeds in an overtaking zone is stupid and dangerous.
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  5. yes known hot spot
    I regularly speed
    but have only been caught a couple of times
    pick your moments
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  6. Yeah one of those frustrating situations of sitting behind cagers that refuse to use the Slow Vehicle turnouts and trying to stay legal. Just bad luck that the police were sitting up in the Eagle Shit Nest.
  7. As far as I knew there is no latitude for speed in any state: if they want to they can book you for one kay over. That said there are so many people always doing more than that generally they don't have to bother....
    And there's no latitude for speed when overtaking...
  8. yep got done in 2011
    fcuk em though, overtake into the hairpins
  9. This is why overtaking lanes are wasted, idiots that sit in the right lane creeping past at exactly 100 km/h indicated (which is more often than not low to mid 90's actual.
    Then the whole overtaking lane is used and only one or two vehicles were able to pass.
    Get out, go hard, then pull back in and ease back to your regular speed, it's safer and more efiicient and fairer for all road users.
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  10. yep I agree
    unfortunately when I give it a nudge im usually doing around 200
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  11. Your safety is more important than a speeding ticket.

    You'd be pretty silly to stay in a blind spot or in the oncoming lane any longer than needed. Also, you sound like your focus is too much on your speedo / GPS, than the surrounding traffic.

    IMO, riding safely is less likely to attract police attention. ...fixed cameras....you should be pretty aware of where they will be, such at under bridges - pick your moments.
  12. In Vic speed cameras give you 3 k leeway. I think radar is 2. Coppers do have a bit of discretion but its best not to rely on it. You really want to be judging your speed to within a few k without gps/speedo. There is a skill to overtaking.
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  13. Yep, otherway around though. Fixed cameras have the smallest margin of error of 2km/h and mobile cameras 3km/h
  14. It pays to know the regulations in the state(s) that you ride and use it to their full advantage:

    For instance: In Victoria there are two penalties for speeding (before you enter loss of license penalties). These are 1km-9km, and 10km-24km.

    As such - there is little reason at all to overtake at 113kph. You're going to get fined for the same penalty if you give it 124kph - so you might as well put on those extra K's.

    Getting around quicker not only is safer physically (less time on the wrong side of the road), but it's also safer to the hip pocket:

    For instance, if you want to get around a b double 25m length. Give yourself another 20m for pulling out early, and having some room before pulling back in gives a overtaking distance of 45m.

    If you overtake at 113kph and the speed difference between you and the semi is 10kph (113 vs 103) it will take you 16 seconds to get around. That's 16 seconds for a cop to target you and book you.

    Same situation, but you overtake at 124kph instead. Speed difference is 21kph over his, which will reduce your overtaking time to just under 7 seconds. That's more than halved the risk time wise of getting booked.

    One thing I haven't taken into consideration with this is whether or not you may meet a copper who's personal tolerance level is 15kph, which would book you for 124kph, but not for 113. However the only coppers I've met with that level of tolerance are General Duties coppers and not Highway patrol coppers.

    In the end, it's a gamble - and you need to weigh up the odd's and the risks to see which is most likely to come out in your favour. Every persons milage may vary.
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  15. Very true indeed.
    Back to the op question,has anyone been done for the quick whip around not including passing lanes which are somewhat of a speed trap.
  16. Me, as above.
  17. In QLD, they are a bit more tolerant, although I have heard that it is not very consistent. The only camera fine I have had was for overtaking at 130 kph, but I suspect that I was doing closer to 140 kph at the time. I have frequently passed highway patrol cars doing 105 kph (according to gps) in 100 kph zones and never been booked. Same has applied in NSW. When I drive/ride down to Vic, I always stick to the speed limit as I know the margin is a lot less. If I am going to overtake, I check for cameras first. You never know if a patrol car is checking your speed until it is too late, so put it down to dumb luck if you get caught.
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    Or if you want to live on the edge do 126 as they have to knock off 2 from the detected speed. And make sure your speedo is GPS calibrated as most are reading over. My 2014 bike was 8% wrong.
  19. some one i know speeds and wheelie's daily without fail, have no idea how they still have all their points!
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    I don't get done very often but when I have its been around 115 and the copper has dropped it back to 109 which is in official warning range. My suspicion is that this is less likely to happen if I'm at 124.
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