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Being a train driver (Melb)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I've been doing some "broadening my horizons" searching and thought about being a train driver. Does anyone know where to look at to start the process of being a train driver? With my injury, in the chance it NEVER heals more than it is now, a train driver would be an awesome job. According to salary figures I read in the paper today, the (base) figure for a new driver is $61,000 a year. No bad for someone controlling trains "hidden" away in a cockpit as opposed to a Tram driver who has to put up with angry users etc.

    Anyway, thanks for anyone letting me know where to begin looking. :) I googled it but so far, no love for me. One link was to "railpage,com.au" but it has funny "not ready yet" messages. Go there and press refresh a few times :LOL:

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  3. It's a fairly popular job and the turnover isn't very high.

    It's easier to become a tram driver, and much easier to become a route bus driver.

    You don't get $61k as a tram driver or bus driver though (which may explain the surplus of applicants for train drivers and the shortage of bus drivers) :wink:
  4. MVRog is a train driver, drop him a PM
  5. 'Waz' just about to sugest that woodsy (i crack myself up :? )
  6. The melbourne train system is one of the reasons I got off my butt and got my bike license.

    So all hail Connex are their joke of a train system. :)
  7. I know a guy who gave up his security Job at the ATO to become a tram driver. He ultimately wants to be a train driver and he saw that as the first step.
  8. Bloody hell..

    I really seem to have the worse luck of late... Ever since 2-3 years ago, I've seemed to have almost nothing but bad luck. Doing some googling, I found this:


    After yesterdays event of me passing out during my course (the pressure/stress of my first 9-5 routine since I got sacked July last year seemed too much for me I guess) and searching for "alternative" work besides something I have been striving for for 25 years (Wrote my first computer program at age 7 and decided I wanted to work with computers for a career at age 9 when I first started work - I worked for my parents at a Sunday market stall.), I've just "broken down again" and pretty much considered I shouldn't bother with anything anymore... What's the use if everything I seem to do (to battle and beat all that is thrown at me) just seems to to actually DO NOTHING these days. I don't want to be handed life/work/career/money on a silver platter for me to take (the easy way) but fcuking hell, when will this non stop shit ever give up?

    Maybe I'll find something like a parking ticket (for my car which has the permit displayed) for parking in a permit only zone and then get pissed at it only to find it's a lotto ticket which it's due for Sat night or something and I happen to win first prize with no one else sharing... It's about the same chance as something going totally right for me without any "bad side effects"

    Well, there's my biatch for the day or week or month? I'll hopefully have a "good day" tomorrow with regards to pain tomorrow and forget about my current "lost" feeling. :?
  9. wazza what you know about writing html
    might have something for you too doo
    cant promise cash yet
    but maybe later
  10. Been writing html for about hmm,. 13 years, maybe more? I was GOOD back then but stopped "being good" at html to concentrate on networking/computer side of things. I've dropped to "ok" in my personal view but have the urge to get back to good/GREAT again now. There is a style of writing html (using CSS) which is a way to make writing HTML with "awesome control" but it's only for "static" pages "at my level at present" Laymens terms is "having a web page look like an online magazine" to browse through as opposed to things like this forum which is "dynamic". Dynamic means the HTML is written using by a computer language to generate the stuff that changes. I'm going to look into doing HTML written "dynamically" with the "power" of CSS in the coming weeks/months..

    If I wasn't literally about to pass out (I feel ill because Im forcing myself to stay up to write this :) ) I'd write more. Send me a PM if you like. I'll write stuff for you, depending on what's needed. I can write both "static" and "dynamic" but these days, I'm re-learning to be GOOD/GREAT as I said. Anyway, MUST SLEEP, send me a PM if you like and we can go further, I don't care about money. That can be worked out later if it turns out to be anything considered "continued" work if you get me. I'm doing it for the passion, not "just as an income". Ok, enough from me for tonight, I'm off to ZzZZzzzz !!

  11. 'night undii.... and good luck :grin:
  12. Contact Connex. They do the hiring & run the courses.

  13. Cheers dude.. For people who want a easy clickable link instead of needing to copy/paste the whole url, http://tinyurl.com/2myzlq


    I still don't feel confident to "dedicate" myself into looking for work and/or career change at moment. I'm still in bucketloads of pain a fair chunk of each day usually. I did a course last week (no idea if I posted about it in here) and I passed out from a pain, umm onset? It hit me all of a sudden due to me sitting at a computer desk, concentrating on the work we were doing and the onset happened. It's happened to me a few times since the off, when I am stationary for more than like an hour or two, I get MASS pain that comes in. It goes away after a bit when I move about but if I was working and/or studying atm, I most likely will forget to move around to stop this pain onset and *boom* it'll hit me like a bomb.

    Spoke to my contact with T.A.C's vocational panel and he/we came to the conclusion I'm still not physically able to work/study. That's a definite, I REALLY wanted to do the course, I'm not bullshitting with the pain to "get out of work" as when I am stationary for any length of time over an hour or so, I get some major fcuking pain happening. It's not ALWAYS but it does happen more often than not when I am sitting still for too long. Yet I can lie in bed, have my knees up with my laptop sitting on my legs, I can type/be "stationary" for a good length of time. I don't know if it's related to the time ("bed time" sums it up, late evening/night) or the position my body is in or even pain meds I'm on. I have a few variables and with my mental state (i.e PAINSVILLE) I can't be bothered trying to isolate any potential things which could be the cause of either "helping" me or cause(s) of the pain onset(s).

    Anyway, I *hope* I get past this stage of the injury/recovery process and get back into "normal life". I'm not pushing myself but I'm not letting "stuff go", I am doing physio most days, usually 2-3 times unless I feel ill which I have been since "the incident" last week. It could be a/the reason of my passing out as I have caught a viral bug that my girlfriend, Emma caught from a workmate who went to work last Monday "ill", seemed to pass the bug onto everyone else and she then proceeded to take the rest of the week off :? Emma has been hit with it VERY bad, shes gone through about 3 or 4 boxes of tissues and did have a heavy/strong cough and generally feeling crap. Our G.P just said she most likely just has to "go through the cycle of it" and if she feels it's too hard on her, then go the antibiotics path for hopeful healing. Seems I got it a little and had the sniffles as well, no cough and general lethargic feeling. Well, less energy than usual which is pretty weak due to my body dedicating a lot of energy to healing or at least, "dealing with" my nerve injury/healing.

    I'm pretty doped up at moment, I guess it's obvious ;) or not (No idea if this post looks "impaired" compared to normal) It's really hard for me to convey my thoughts into posting generally due to it hurts to type if I'm not in the already mentioned lying position in bed with laptop and the general haziness of my pain meds.

    Umm.. Short story summary

    I'm still not fit to work full (or maybe even part time?) as I get a boatload of pain here and there on top of my semi constant pains. So yeah, it sucks kinda being in this state but I just try to feel HAPPY as most as I can, which can be an effort to try to do I tells ya :evil:

    Sorry if I am making your brain implode from my crap post, I'm really heavily affected from my pain meds at moment but overall, it's a good thing for me. When doped up, it means I am at least not feeling bad PAIN. And days like today, there isn't much for me to do except get droped up, feel "painfee" and try to do stuff I normally can't do when in pain (clean/tidy up our place, sort through accumulated stuff *cough* junk? As we just have heaps of boxes of stored things from a really long story, no place for it in here.

    So, dopesville for me at moment, dreaming of :biker: and mentally getting my injury to heal as best I can do... Plus physio here and there :)

    I dread if I ever read this post once I have "come down" from the level I am on now ;) I do apologise for my umm, post or whatever people want to call it.. Dribble might be a good summary ;)
  14. I applied a year or so ago to become a trainee train driver.

    They asked a few questions, went through this online survey and was even selected to go on to do the online assessment which included things like flashing heaps of gibberish infront of you and asking how many capital X's were shown.

    I will warn you, they have a few key acceptance criteria

    Id dare say that might disqualify some here.

    Then i just got a list of emails saying "you weren't selected for this assessment centre, however there will be one next month, we will contact you if you were selected" then in October last year i had an email saying that assessment centres were closed and to try again later.
  15. Undii, unload when you have to mate. :)

    I've always thought driving a train might be a pretty cool job. Park the train at the end of the day, walk away, don't think about it till the next day... I can't say that for my own engineering job... the work list is always large and always in the background... :roll:

  16. thought about being a train driver.

    Give it a lot of thought.... rotating shift work ... Keep away from the freight unless you do not want a family or social life. With the suburban trains you have to have a lot of seniority to have a day job and even then you can only expect 1 weekend in 4 off. Try V Line passenger (the country trains) They run reasonable hours and you would start and finish close to Richmond and they pay well.
  17. Cheers for that, I did the online check complete drivers record for $7.60 or something at VicRoads when you mentioned this. Got it today which is 5 years of records. Couple fines (speeding) and the latest is 17-08-04 so I guess if I did want to want to do it, I'd apply after 17-08 this year :D Once again, cheers for your info!
  18. Re: thought about being a train driver.

    Cheers, I'll look into it. Gotta wait til the pain from my nerve injury comes down a bit or if it doesn't, I learn to live with it and stuff. Thanks for the V/Line thing, could come in handy :)
  19. please dont black out, when ur driving my train, sitting there @ the console :shock:

    lol other than that, yeah ive also given this a bit of thought, but yeah i missed out on the applicatio time. the link is throught the connex website.

    i couldnt apply anyway tho, coz no car or bike atm, need 'reliable transport'. that kinda excludes the mountain bike :grin:

    coulde be a sweet job tho, indoors, warm, yet changing scenery all the time :p

    not too much fun if/when u hit a car/person etc tho....

    all the best with everything Undii :)