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being a short rider: how do you cope?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vonnegut, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Hey people, here's the deal: I'm short. Five foot, no inches. I feel this makes riding a wee bit more difficult than it is for normal-sized people. :p It isn't a huge issue at the moment since I'm still on a 250, but what happens when I want to get a bigger bike? Are my options going to be limited to---god forbid---low-seated cruisers? Any other netriders out there who hear "Good things come in small packages!" way too often? Got any tips/suggestions for Riding While Short?

  2. Suggestions for short folks? Buy a jap bike. Any will do, but the sportier the better! They're all designed for 5 feet no inch people.
  3. Cut the seat down and lower the suspenion, you'll be right.
  4. Not true, I'm about 5'9" and I cant quite put both feet flat on the ground on my jap bike (except with a pillion). Having said that however, some of the latest model sport bikes do seem to have a slightly lower seat height then a few years ago.
  5. This one time at bike camp....

    True story, at bike camp when I was a kid there was this bloke who was a few years older than me but he was only up to my shoulders, quite a little fella.

    He had a brand spankin RM125 and it was a big bike to just about everyone there who were mostly on 80's. In those days the 125's were 250 size.

    To ride it he'd run alongside of the bike pushing till he was running and he'd flick himself up onto it and clutch start, then he'd be off like a jockey on a thoroughbred. Needless to say there was quite a bit of admiration and envy amongst the pack of regular 80 riders.

    So I suggest you buy a Daytona 675, they're a very tall bike and you'll probably need to jump off at the lights but if you learn to jump on and take off doing rolling burnouts and wheelies everyone will think you're a legend.

  6. Hehe to be a bit more serious, zzr has a 30 inch seat height which is pretty low. The gpx is a tiny bit lower I think. (these are both considered lowish). Also a ducati monster (620i?) has a similarly low seat.
  7. Well, I'm currently riding a YP400 which has a 750mm seat height. I hear that the AN400K7 has a 710mm high seat! :cool:
  8. Ride a cruiser, they have lower seat heats. I am 5'6" and i struggle on the big enduro and motoX seeing as their seat height can be over 90cm tall.
  9. you could always grow UP :grin: :shock: :bolt:
  10. there are a few people that slide off the left hand side of the bike and just leave the right leg hanging over the bike, while the left is firmly planted on the ground, the when it comes time to take off ease the clutch out with a bit of throttle and shimmy back up on the seat.

    joels idea is valid haha, you an get a extra layer of rubber put on the bottom of your boots as well, this can be done at any boot repair shop
  11. Yeah, I'm 6ft, and I am on the balls of my feet on the GTR.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. MMmmn if your 5'0" you must weigh nothing so a vfr400 etc or a cbr400 would kick ass in your hands. The engine produces 55 to 75 hp and the right gearing will see a wee man like your self skyrocket out of corners like a 1l plus...
  13. I can't profess to have ridden everything under the sun on two wheels, but recently as I've been looking to upgrade to a bigger bike I've come to the realization that my 98 CBR600 f3 is actually pretty damn low to the ground... and not just low, the seat is pretty narrow too which means both feet on the ground....
    I'm 5'7".
    When you end up getting a new bike, let us know what you got!!
  14. by jap i would presume phizog is talking super sport
  15. There is actually a whole discussion group dedicated to the issues around being a short biker.

    This is the SBL FAQ link http://www.nebcom.com/noemi/moto/sbl.faq.html

    You know... if I had two more links I could have a short list :LOL: :bolt:
  16. That's hilarious! Do you wonder if he's still getting around on the road?

    Yeah, the monster is my dream bike. Although, with it there's the extra worry that I won't be able to hold it up, even if one of my feet can touch the ground. And then it'll be all, "Nooooooo!"

    Really? That's handy to know...and oddly disturbing. :p

    Looks like it's gonna have to be a combination of getting a small bike + lowering the suspension + cutting the seat + getting leg extensions. Awesome. God hates me. :wink:
  17. Oh, and ward_4e? I'm a girl.
  18. Yeah, but where did he keep his flute? :wink:

    Hi vonnegut, I can't really make any valid suggestions cos I lack intellect but as I'm only 5' 3'' myself I'm finding this thread quite useful

  19. theres a few bikes that a low - sports bike are generally higher than your cruisers. Try sitting on a raptor, its the smallest 1000cc bike ive riden, both feet firmly planted on the ground and im not that tall either bout 168cm

    I have a friend whos about your height, he hangs his whole left side off.

    Other options would be to shave the seat - get about an inch off
  20. You're lucky you linked to something useful before making that bad, bad joke. :wink: