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Being a courier

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by outtalive, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. It's been getting to the stage lately where "the itch" is such that I'm thinking about making riding even more a part of my lifestyle by becoming a courier. Also, the office life is getting a bit too buttoned down for me.

    So I'm putting the call out to any couriers amougnst us, any tips on where to get started? Things to consider when taking up this type of job? And is it possible to work as a courier on a more casual basis e.g. two days a week plus weekends?

  2. Call Mick at Cox Couriers. They pay you an hourly rate and on a good day you can earn $13 per hour just sitting on your ass and reading magazines. Mick can be a bit harsh but he's a good bloke all round.

    If you really want comission, I've worked for SnapX, and they weren't too bad. One of the dispatchers can be a bit of a c*nt, and you will earn shit all until they trust you enough to give you the priority jobs.

    To give you an example: I'd been working there for just over a month and was pulling in between $300-$350 every week. Before tax. Before Petrol. Working 8 AM till 6/7 PM each day. It's not a good life starting out. On the Across I was probably paying about $50 on petrol per week, sometimes more depending on distance.

    As far as bikes go, you want:
    1. A chook chaser that you can mount kerbs with
    2. To not care about how much you're devaluing your precious ride

    You'll have days when it's all clear sailing and you're just glad you're alive and on the back of a bike, but more often you'll have days where you hate everything and everyone that moves and you'll resent all the suited-up yuppies in their 4wd's earning five times as much as you do going inside for a cup of coffee and a sit down that you'd bloody kill for.

    Oh. And you have to have reflexes like a cat. I am not kidding. After six hours of constant riding, you get hit with the school rush hour, followed by the worker rush hour.
  3. A more general and less bitter response:

    1. Look up SnapX, Toll Fast, and Cox Couriers in the yellow pages. Give them a call and say you have a motorcycle, a license, and you want to work as a courier
    2. Some companies will let you work less than the full week, but the impression I got when first looking around is that they want full-timers. Also, as far as I know, nobody delivers stuff by bike on a weekend.
  4. Thanks for the info mi, I guess I'll start calling around.
    Obviously the work can be tough but can't be much worse than being a pizza delivery driver like I used to do back in the day, gotta love how bikes just tend to melt between traffic - even if it is chock a block full of ponces in 4WDs.

    It's one of those things, I barely drive the car these days 'cos the bike just handles traffic so much better.