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. . . behind Iceland and Norway !! . . get F'ed !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. read here !


    Australia is third behind Iceland and Norway as the most liveable nation in the world according to the UN !

    I wonder if they have taken the fact that we don't wear layers of clothing, we have no concept winter tyres and we don't fish for whales !! :grin:

  2. I know where I'd rather be :grin:

  3. +1

    Great pic BTW. *click, save*
  4. Thanks even thought i didn't make it, it happily take the credit...... its the Aussie way! haha
  5. They do have their good points too......

    Miss Norway
    Miss Iceland


    I can certainly see the appeal!
  6. Iceland did also give us Bjork ! :eek:

  7. :shock: @ Bjork!!!!

    This is true......But there is only one Jen:wink:

  8. This thread just keeps getting better and better - keep up the good work boys! :LOL:
  10. Truer words have never been spoken =P~
  11. They probably pay less taxes than we do.

    And until recently we had Howard as PM :twisted:
  12. Wait for it, wait for it...
  13. Jesus, here we go.

    But I do hear Norway has a great healthcare system and all that jazz. Looks like a nice place.

    Funnily enough, I'd take Bjork over the two girls above. I've got strange tastes. Very strange tastes.
  14. Not just healthcare, but every other aspect of life like annual leave, maturnity etc. Is leaps and bounds ahead of most other countries.
    I have visited these countries before and find them quite boring, but can't argue with the quality of the citizenry!
  15. #15 ginji, Nov 29, 2007
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  16. I can't believe none of the Lib voters said it...

    ....Guess I'll have to do it myself....

    "Yes, but now we've got Rudd."

  17. :LOL:

    I knew that would get a bite :LOL:

    Wonders where all the liberals is . . . :?
  18. Certainly, no, though maybe or maybe not. Take a trip up there during the Scandinavian summer Cookee with the eternal sun and twilight, and you'll be walking around pitching an eternal tent :LOL: Could easily be a Norwegian beach.
  19. And sporting two black eyes. I'm married, remember. :LOL:
  20. I work for a Norwegian company and it's a pretty sweet deal (e.g. as a father you get 2 months paid paternity leave).

    The fact that they are the third largest oil producer in the world with about USD 300 billion in the bank (the governments Future Fund) and that they only have ~4.5 million people probably helps a fair bit...

    EDIT: Although living with a few months of darkness each year would be a drag. Oh, and a 6 pack of average beer costs about AU$55...